Here’s What Crystal You Need, Based On What You Want To Manifest In Your Life This Year


Crystals have been used in traditional healing practices for centuries. Though they are no substitute for actual medicine, a lot of people swear by them. You can probably chalk it up to something of a placebo effect – seeing something that represents “confidence” or “healing” can have a psychosomatic effect on your body – but either way, if it works it works… right?

If you want general healing, and better alignment, you need Clear Quartz.

Clear Quartz is known as an all-purpose stone. It’s connected with all of the chakras and zodiac signs. It is best for amplifying your energy and thought processes, which help you heal faster. It will absorb, store, release and regulate. It wards off negativity and neutralizes radiation. It is great for enhancing the subtle bodies and acting as a deep soul cleanser. It is great at balancing your thoughts and emotions, and it enhances psychic abilities, unlocking memories that were previously tightly stored. This is a great general healing stone, and you can use it in tandem with anything else.

If you want less stress, fear and irritability, you need Amethyst.

Amethyst is the other all-purpose stone, and is next to clear quartz in terms of being the most common. However, it has more of a protective quality than a balancing one, and can help in diffusing heavy or negative energy, as well as ill will from others. It helps to relieve stress, irritability and mood swings, and is especially powerful when dealing with fear, anger or anxiety. It has strong qualities that help with sleep, too, and can ease insomnia and help recall dreams.

If you want to improve your love life or get over an ex, you need Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz is known for being a stone of unconditional, universal love. It’s connected with the heart charka, and is ruled by Venus (and Libra, which is the zodiac domain of love). Rose Quartz is good for improving self-love as well as strengthening existing relationships, and attracting new ones. It is great for forgiveness, trust and self-worth, and aids in deep soul healing which facilitates a greater connection. It’s also been connected with fertility, and can help moms and unborn fetuses.

If you want more financial abundance and/or weight loss, you need Citrine.

Citrine, while beautiful, is also the stone for prosperity and abundance. It’s also known as the “Merchant’s Stone,” and can help you remove blocks to financial gains and find new opportunities. Additionally, it’s known as a great stone for weight loss (there’s an emotional correlation between safety, money and weight). This is to say, it’s a stone that will make you feel secure, therefore allowing you to more easily let go of the extra safety pounds your body is holding (you literally hold weight in response to stress and feeling insecure) as well as giving you the confidence to go out and create new opportunities where you once didn’t see them.

If you want to stop having anxiety and panic attacks, you need Black Tourmaline.

Given that most bouts of anxiety and panic have little to do with what’s *actually* happening in your life, and almost everything to do with how susceptible you are to intruding, negative energies, Black Tourmaline helps soothe the tendency to panic tremendously. It’s a stone that’s known for aura protection, and is considered one of the best protective stones. It can help you ground yourself and create a shield of protection around you. If you have a particular goal you’d like to reach, write it on a piece of paper and put it under a piece of Tourmaline. It will protect it and remove blocks to it.

If you want clarity about the problems in your life, you need Lapis.

Lapis is known for being used in Egyptian times as a stone that could help unlock mysteries and move through confusion. Lapis is great for breaking through emotional blocks and helping you see how you are standing in your own way. It’s great for clearing mental confusion and helping you see the root of the actual problem at hand, which is almost always your thinking/mindset/attitude.

If you want to be more grounded and content, you need Hematite.

Hematite is a great grounding stone, and helps people who often have trouble keeping up with their physical, worldly lives. Hematite will help you be productive and complete what you need to do without wrapping you up so much in the material that you lose sight of your mental/emotional life. The truth is that you need to do both to thrive, and Hematite will help you balance your emotionality with a little more practicality. It is especially great for anyone who has “escape” tendencies.

If you want to stop being jealous of others, you need Green Apatite.

Green Apatite is known for bolstering personal power, and also dissolving self-consciousness or insecurity. It’s best for helping people use positive energy to fuel their goals, and stimulates the mind to recognize greater knowledge and truth. Because it’s so great for self-development and achievement, it is also beneficial for helping you to overcome insecurity of feelings of inferiority, from which jealousy usually comes from.

If you want to stop feeling stuck, you need Carnelian.

Carnelian is known for inspiring confidence and motivation in whatever area of your life you’re working on. It will help you persevere through any tough situation in your life, and is usually considered a really great energy boost that helps you move through the feeling of being trapped or stuck in a situation that you are not. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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