15 Reasons The Best Relationship Of Your Life Will Be With A Girl Who Refuses To Pretend She Has It All Together

Fred Tougas
Fred Tougas

1. She will actually be able to open up to you. She’s ready to be seen for who she is, not who she thinks will impress you.

2. You’ll become a better person because you’ve known her. You’ll maintain that you, and your relationship, are both works-in-progress. In not needing to maintain an image, you’re actually able to grow and change.

3. Her life is no longer about projecting an image, but building herself. The same will be true of your relationship.

4. She won’t give up so easily. She doesn’t associate perfection with the ability to be loved, which means she’s also capable of being genuinely intimate.

5. She’ll choose you because of what she experiences when she’s with you, not how it would appear to be with you.

6. She’s dealt with her insecurities. She’s been through pain and loss, and she’s grown from it. It takes someone who has been pushed to their very limits to no longer want to pretend they have it all together.

7. She wants to evolve with you, not have someone in her life to placate her. She’s not using you as a bandage for a life she doesn’t really love.

8. She’s proud of who she is, and the life she already lives – however imperfect. Because this is the case, you’ll be able to likewise celebrate in her.

9. She’ll be more willing to have the difficult talks, voice her opinion, and communicate her needs. Because she’s willing to do this, resentment won’t build and explode one day. Problems are inevitable, the way you cope with them from the onset is a very large determinator of whether or not it will last.

10. She’ll be able to see you for who you really are.

11. She’ll be able to love you more completely than someone who isn’t willing to acknowledge their own humanness.

12. She’ll be inherently more understanding and gracious.

13. She’s had her own experiences. She’s become her own person. She is no longer just a compilation of what she’s been taught is “right” and “good” and “attractive.”

14. She’s deeper than most. She cares about a lot more than just the shallow stuff. She’ll talk to you about ideas and philosophies and books she loves. Things that will enhance your mind, not just stoke your senses.

15. You’ll be able to have something better than the idyllic fairytale romance, which is the experience of being seen and loved for who you really are, despite all the reasons you think you can’t be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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