15 Little Things People Only Do During Sex When They Really Love You

Daniella Urdinlaz
Daniella Urdinlaz

1. They maintain eye contact. They seem to be as focused on you and how you’re responding to them as much as they are their own pleasure. Basically, they don’t just stare at the wall.

2. They kiss you. In fact, they consider kissing the most intimate part of the whole shebang (every pun intended).

3. Their primary goal is to get you off.

4. They communicate this by asking you what you like, if you’re okay, that they just want to see you feel good. Basically, they get off when you get off.

5. They become emotional. This isn’t to say they necessarily start crying (which many people do) but it’s more than just a physical release – it’s something that evokes feelings, too.

6. They hold your hand.

7. They’re vocal about what’s working, what isn’t, and how you are making them feel.

8. They try to maintain as much body-to-body contact as possible.

9. They don’t immediately disengage the moment it’s over. They take a minute to finish up, and even if they aren’t necessarily huge post-coital cuddlers, they’ll at least lay next to you and talk for a bit.

10. Very often, they’ll come back and want to hug you or give you another kiss after you’re done – it’s like a sign of appreciation and gratitude.

11. They take time to set an atmosphere – they want to romance you as much as they want to pleasure you.

12. They always make time to be intimate with you. Your love life is a priority, not something they squeeze into the schedule.

13. They aren’t completely opposed to calling it “making love,” even if they would laugh at that term otherwise. And even if they aren’t too keen on actually calling it that, they would at least agree that it’s not incorrect.

14. They comfort you. If you make a funny sound or aren’t as into it as you wanted to be, they go into comforting mode immediately, as opposed to just saying “it’s okay” and quickly moving on.

15. They’ll talk about sex after-the-fact. They want to know what works for you and what doesn’t, and they want to be better for you. Your sexual relationship is a part of a larger, more holistic one, and it shows. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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