How To Keep Your Man’s Attraction Alive, Based On His Zodiac Sign

In a man’s astrology chart, the placement of Venus is responsible for the kind of person he is attracted to. If you want to keep your man interested, use this generator to figure out what Venus sign he is. After you’ve figured it out, read below to see exactly what will drive him wild.

Jeff Isy
Jeff Isy

If he has a Venus in Aries

This kind of man is attracted to an independent, feisty woman. This woman cannot be dependent on him, and needs to have her own interests outside of a relationship. A Venus in Aries male will always find strength attractive, and despite loving the chase, he will never say no to an assertive, confident woman. He admires spontaneity, and loves someone who will keep him on his toes.

If he has a Venus in Taurus

This kind of man is attracted to a sweet, caring and ladylike woman. He finds a woman most attractive when she is calm and laid-back, and prefers someone he can simply relax with. A woman with too much energy will exhaust him. A Venus in Taurus male is very sensual, and is attracted to a woman who can cater to his senses. A woman with curves, who has a very feminine voice, is also a plus.

If he has a Venus in Gemini

This kind of man is attracted to an intelligent, witty woman. He admires a woman who is clever, and actually needs a strong mental connection with someone in order to find them physically desirable. A Venus in Gemini male is excited by a woman who can keep him guessing, and enjoys mind games and flirtatious, yet interesting, conversation. This kind of man hates being bored, and often falls for someone who is just as complex as him.

If he has a Venus in Cancer

This kind of man is attracted to a sensitive woman, who has strong family ties. A Venus in Cancer male is often interested in women who remind him of his mother. He prefers women who are old fashioned and gentle, and who display a nurturing personality. A “natural” look will always play over well with this man.

If he has a Venus in Leo

This kind of man is attracted to a classy woman. He is often attracted to a woman for very superficial reasons. Good looks and popularity will attract a Venus in Leo male over compatibility. This kind of man appreciates a passionate, bossy woman, and loves when a female is dramatic in his presence. He adores strong personalities.

If he has a Venus in Virgo

This kind of man is attracted to a modest woman. Someone who is passive will attract a Venus in Virgo male, because he likes females who are cute and shy. This kind of man will want his partner to dress conservatively, and he admires someone who is proper and polite. A woman who is a good listener, and who is highly intelligent, will drive him wild.

If he has a Venus in Libra

This kind of man is attracted to a charming, elegant woman. He has no time for someone who is full of herself, and his biggest turn off is a female who is pompous and flashy. He cannot stand a woman who is loud and crude. A Venus in Libra male is most attracted to the kinds of females who are girly, and romantic.

If he has a Venus in Scorpio

This kind of man is attracted to mystifying women. A woman who is mysterious, influential, and powerful will drive him wild. A female who is the opposite of passive will attract a Venus in Scorpio, for this kind of man cannot respect, let alone devote himself to, a woman who lacks passion. A woman who is extremely confident in her sexuality will make this kind of man weak in his knees. He adores a strong, animalistic sensuality in those he chooses to chase.

If he has a Venus in Sagittarius

This kind of man is attracted to an adventurous woman. A woman who is laid back and always up for something fun will attract this kind of man. A Venus in Sagittarius man will find an outdoorsy woman desirable, and appreciates someone he can be athletic with. This man is looking for a best friend kind of relationship, so an honest, encouraging woman who inspires strong companionship, will always come out on top with him.

If he has a Venus in Capricorn

This kind of man is attracted to an accomplished, sophisticated woman. He prefers a woman who cares about her status, and a powerful female will gain a lot of points with him. A female trying to attract a Venus in Capricorn must not play games, as he is the kind of man who is attracted to a mature woman who know what she wants, and who takes him seriously.

If he has a Venus in Aquarius

This kind of man is attracted to women who embody bohemian characteristics. He will admire those who are intelligent, and unrestrained. Having a good conversation is key when attracting a Venus in Aquarius male, because he cannot stand being bored in a relationship. Unconventional women who have a little bit of mystery to them will drive this man wild, for he will always be attracted to someone who fascinates him.

If he has a Venus in Pisces

This kind of man is attracted to emotional women. A female who is sensitive and dreamy will gain the attention of a man with his Venus in Pisces. A woman who is innocent and bashful, while being compassionate and selfless, is the kind of woman who will engage this kind of man. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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