There Is A Difference Between Being Exhausted And Depressed

There Is A Difference Between Being Exhausted And Depressed

I need to remember
there is a difference
being depressed
and being exhausted
she says
slurping an oyster back
it sticks with me
those words
and echoes in the wood of my home tonight
for when I am exhausted
on the 8th episode
of some shitty show
while the palm trees sway
and the waves call
and the sunshine beckons
and you turn your back to the world
and say
and wonder how you’ll ever manage or muster any of the things
can feel like depression
like the juice to live
is momentarily sucked dry from your soul
and the clothes on the floor
the emails
the to-dos
they don’t really matter when you’re too tired to stand. TC mark

Janne Robinson is a poet and author of
This Is For The Women Who Don’t Give A Fuck.
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