17 Realizations You Are Guaranteed To Have When You Delete Snapchat

“Snapchat” is the app version of the toxic friend we have that we LOVE to go out with, but can’t ever take seriously. I deleted snapchat for a week and although it was hard to part with my old friend this is what I came to realize:

1. Picture messages via text take FOREVER to deliver.

2. You’ve developed muscle memory to click on the Snapchat app and you keep accidentally tapping on something that’s not there.

3. You feel much more free without knowing what everyone else is constantly doing at all times.

4. You can actually enjoy your meal without having to put it on your “story.”

5. You miss capturing your boyfriend’s embarrassing moments.

6. You spend a lot more time scrolling through Instagram.

7. You find yourself wondering about the new features and wishing you could still use the “dog.” filter to cover up the pimple on your nose.

8. It’s really easy to have slip-ups (especially while drunk) where you just re-download it.

9. You can’t help continuing to send your boyfriend selfies over text message.

10. Work is an especially dangerous time, where you really feel like you need your Snapchat fix (Caution: lunch break).

11. That saying “if a tree falls in a forest and there’s no one there to hear it, did it actually make a sound?” keeps popping into your head— maybe because you’re wondering if the club you went to last night was real if you didn’t snap it.

12. Other people snapchat SO much.

13. You feel so out of the loop. Like as out of the loop as you did in middle school.

14. Snapchat is a great way to show people how funny you are.

15. Other people don’t give a shit that you deleted it and haven’t noticed. You should stop talking about it so much.

16. When one door closes another opens: hello “Phhhoto!”

17. This isn’t going to last very long… Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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