Read This When You Need To Let Go Of A Dream

Jeff Isy
Jeff Isy

Childhood dreams, dreams that we have been aspiring to for the longest time, sometimes it doesn’t work out even when we have achieved it. Sometimes it kills us inside more than it motivates us, makes us wonder WHEN, WHY and HOW you got to where you are, how you are feeling now. How did your dream become so real and all of a sudden it was not what you wanted. Sometimes we have to dream another dream and keep moving forward here are a few of my thoughts.

Learn how to let go

When all you hold on to is “it was my childhood dream” and when everything else falls apart, you’re falling apart. Who knows, maybe there’s something better in store for you and you never noticed it because you’re too rigidly focused and scared that letting go will leave you lost. You will never know unless you try, your dream won’t go away if it is really meant for you.

Believe that you will be okay

Letting go is hard but what comes after letting go is harder. You will have to find yourself again. Finding yourself after years of forming to be where you were, what you achieved but that is all gone, it was a learning experience, a memory. Picking up the pieces and building from there is scary but it makes you a stronger person.

Take a break

A vacation, exercise, try a new hobby, or simply try new things that you have never done to clear your head and refocus your life. Know why you let go and never regret Some things are better experienced. You’ll never know unless you try it.

Never compare yourself to others

Those thoughts in your head like: “if only I was like…, if only I have done…” every single one of us is unique, we all have our journeys. We are all formed by our past and our daily experiences. We have something to be proud of whether big or small.

Never lose faith

Failure is part of the journey, it will make us learn, make us stronger and become the better version of ourselves if we let it. Always believe in yourself. A dream keeps us motivated, keeps our head straight but it should never blur everything else. There could be something more in store for you, you just have to take a step back and re-focus. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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