6 Reasons Why Couples Who Cuddle Are The Happiest

6 Reasons Why Couples Who Cuddle Are The Happiest

Now, here’s the thing: I hate the word ‘cuddling.’ I think it’s the silliest, most ridiculous, cheesy word perhaps in existence. ‘Snuggling’ is a close second. Both should be banned, so that we can come up with a more appropriate, less absurd, word to describe the unsung hero of relationship longevity. Is there anything better than cuddling? Sometimes I don’t even think sex is actually better than cuddling. SOMETIMES. Calm down. Sex is mostly better than cuddling, but SOMETIMES it’s not. Sometimes a good cuddle can go a long way. And, I am certain that relationships live and die depending on the percentage of time the two people in the relationship cuddle. There is science on this I’m sure, but I don’t need science. I am a cuddle believer. Science cannot tell me anything I don’t already know.

1. Cuddling is super intimate!

You are literally and physically as close as you possibly can get. Cuddling is like a prolonged hug and everyone loves hugs. Hugs are necessary to life, just ask a baby. Babies can die from not getting physical affection in the form of kisses and cuddles. SO CAN RELATIONSHIPS. Relationships are a lot like babies. They need constant care, affection, love, and cuddles. Boobs also help, as with babies.

2. Cuddling is fun!

You’re over there in the bed getting tangled up in each other and trying to find all new configurations. There’s always a rogue arm that doesn’t fit anywhere in the cuddling configuration, so you’re adjusting and laughing and just looking at each other in this really sweet and loving way. There are all sorts of playful parts of cuddling, like when someone’s feet are too cold. Or when someone’s bony ankle pushes into a shin. Or when someone’s morning breath is so foul that you can’t help but feel like this cuddle session is very intimate because—not only are you cuddling—but you are enduring morning breath to do so. If enduring morning breath just to be close to each other isn’t the exact definition of true love, then I don’t know what is.

3. Cuddling bonds you together!

There is no possible way that if you cultivate daily closeness that you will drift apart from each other. It’s just not statistically possible. Your bodies are smushed together. How can you not feel that closeness? You would both have to be robots to not feel close and connected if you cuddled on a daily basis. Are you robots? No? Then, do your relationship a favor and cuddle it out.

4. Cuddling is easy!

While there are plenty of unsexy, unfun things that keep a relationship churning along, cuddling on the daily is not one of those unfun, unsexy things. It requires no vulnerable spilling of deep feelings, although those can come out from time to time. Nobody is worried about who’s doing the dishes or who’s paying the bills or who’s turn it is to take out the trash. You are singularly focused on cuddling. And, many times, those daily stresses and frustrations can simply fade away into the world of unnecessary things that do not need to be brought up and you will be left only with the spooning.

5. Cuddling is really sexy foreplay for sexy time!

One minute you’re cuddling and it’s all lazy and relaxing and the next minute you’re naked. Where did your clothes go? Well, cuddling is a really nice segue into sex. There’s a lot of breathing on necks. A lot of light petting. A lot of kisses that go from just run-of-the-mill to intense and whoa we’re doing this right now, aren’t we?

6. Cuddling requires focus!

The thing about cuddling is that it’s probably one of the only activities where you have to focus on each other, because your limbs are pinned down by their limbs. You can’t really cuddle while scrolling through Twitter. I mean, I guess you can, but you’d have to be really committed and addicted to your phone to do this and, if you are this addicted, seek help, that’s pretty excessive. For the most part—social media addiction aside—you are usually not multitasking while you’re cuddling and that’s a really special thing if you think about all the times you spend with your significant other where you are distracted or multitasking. While cuddling, you two are singularly focused on each other, which is imperative to keeping the connection between you two alive and healthy. It’s a beautiful thing and it should be celebrated. Happy Cuddling. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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