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13 Strangely Liberating Things That Happen When Your Relationship Hits The 2 Year Mark

Relationships are hard. The fact that you have stayed together longer than 2 years seems like an accomplishment on par with climbing Everest. (It’s not, but it FEELS LIKE IT.) Relationships are especially trying in the beginning when you’re still learning each other. But, once it gets past that two year mark, a few things change, namely you both stop being insecure crazy people who are in love with each other. YAY. That phase is over!

1. Fights change from “we’re breaking up!” to “ok, how can we fix this?” Sure, you might get into a blowout match every once in a while, but now you two have your fighting styles down. Fights are more like, “I’m just going to hit up Starbucks, so we can eventually chill out and have a normal human conversation. See you in exactly the amount of time I know you need to cool down. Love you bye.”

2. You don’t hold anything in now. Everything from bodily functions to why what they said hurt your feelings to not being interested in that sex thing: everything gets laid out. Nothing is held back. (It’s amazing.)

3. You’re not in a perpetual back and forth about how much they care about you. You got it. You know where you stand. You’re not losing your mind over commitment or the L word or anything like that. It’s all out in the open.

4. You are clear on what your future is together, if there is one. And, if you’re not clear, you just ask. This is what healthy adults do. They just ask when they’re confused. And, thankfully, you’re in a relationship where you can just say, “Hey, are we on the same path about this very important thing called our Future?”

5. Getting naked or having sex in daylight is no big thing. You’ve seen their parts. They’ve seen yours. This is not a thing that bothers either of you. It’s just a thing that happens.

6. You guys know almost everything there is to know about each other. You’ve heard that same story multiple times. Sure, you love that story, but oh my god, how many times can they tell that same story.

7. …But it makes it extra special when you can still be surprised by something new, no matter how small the tidbit is. When you find out something you didn’t know about your partner, it’s like striking gold at this point. You’re like, “Wait, you don’t like fennel!? I had no idea!!!!! This is the most interesting thing ever!!!!!!”

8. You really, really, really know each other now. The masks have come off. The real you is in love with the real them. This is what it feels like to have someone love you for you, for REAL. This relationship is REAL NOW.

9. You’re at the point where you can officially settle on in this relationship. It has passed through a bunch of awkward stages. You’re firmly inside the honeymoon stage. It’s all cuddles and kisses and sex on a semi regular basis. Bliss as fuck.

10. Telling the truth is amazing! No longer are you afraid to tell them their breath smells or they snore or they kind of need to take a shower. You just blurt it out without any care in the world. And, they do the same with you. What’s weird about it is that even though it seems like you’re both insulting each other, it feels like something intimate you don’t share with anyone but them. There’s a comfort and trust there that is untouchable by any other relationship.

11. You two know all your weird quirks. All that stuff you used to do when they weren’t around? Yeah, now you just do it whether they’re around or not. You knew they were going to stick around when they thought that weird shit you do sometimes was actually endearing.

12. You’re finally out of the ‘we are completely obsessed with each other’ stage. Thank god, because that was exhausting and confusing and you never knew where you guys stood and this is so much better now.

13. You are making this thing last. Two years is a big deal. Relationships are hard. You know better than anyone how hard a relationship can be. But, you made it work! You’ve done the impossible: stayed together despite modern dating making that kind of commitment nearly impossible. Go you two. You did it. Now, go have some celebratory sex. Why? Because you totally can. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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