This Is How To Be The Best Version Of Yourself Every Day

Jacob Morrison

Ever took a moment out of a random day to just wonder about life and what you’re really doing?  Are you working in the field you like? Are you with the man you really love? Are your friends good people? Are you really happy? And some of the honest answers to these questions may not be to your liking- or expectations. We ignore our subconscious beliefs sometimes without noticing. But those beliefs matter so much. They are absolutely imperative to finding your perfect life balance.

So if you find your job is bringing you down, you dread going to work everyday and know its not what you really want to be doing- then I think you know what I’m going to say.

Drop it. Quit. Find what you love. What fulfills you and makes you feel important and amazing.

We live in the today’s most overworked country in the world. We literally spend about 35% of our lives busting our butts to make a living. Please, do yourself a favor, and spend that time at least doing something you don’t despise. This plays a huge role in your happiness. And for those of you who already do what you love- kudos to ya’ll.

If you find yourself fighting with your boyfriend/husband every week, and find that your bad moments outweigh the good- you too know what I’m going to say next. Yeah but Jak, he’s so cute and handsome – are his looks going to make you breakfast in bed and get you flowers? But we are so used to each other and it’s so hard to leave – Then you better realize this is more of your weakness than the vitality of your relationship. The fact that you’re so addicted and find yourself stuck- is an even bigger issue and more of a reason why you should leave. But we have some good moments, he’s like my best friend.

“Some” isn’t going to cut it, be with someone who is always good to you, who you enjoy being around- most of the time, I know it can’t be all, but definitely shouldn’t be “some.”

You shouldn’t love someone who’s the reason you cry yourself to sleep at nights. Your relationship should be the one thing in your life that brings you undue happiness and joy. Yes there will be fights and arguments occasionally, but if you find that you fight more than anything else- then you are in an unhealthy relationship, mi amiga.

Surrounding yourself with genuine good people- who have similar interests and attitudes in life that only make you better, is extremely important.

The friends who drink, smoke, and party for the majority of their woken moments are not the circle of people who will bring you up as a person. Unless of course, that is your priority and goal in life- then don’t mind my biased opinion. Growing as a person has more to do with your environment and people you spend time with/watch/talk to than you may possibly think. Your subconscious mind absorbs everything that passes your eyes and ears.

Did you know? 60 – 80% of the brain remains in subconscious state most of the time and carrying lots of thoughts, emotions and information from past and present, and these thoughts and information can drive and modulate mental content which can affect the behavior when retrieved and processed by the conscious brain.

Don’t mean to get all Bill Nye on you guys, but these are some hardcore facts that everyone needs to realize. So feed your brain as carefully as you’d feed your young infant. They both grow and learn from what they receive. Your brain is the same way. It’s growing, learning, and expanding with what you give to it. So be careful and choose wisely how you nurture it. I know it’s weird to think you’re in a way raising yourself, but you kind of are.

Ultimately, find your way into a good career, a healthy relationship, surround yourself by good people and don’t forget to be the best leader possible for yourself. Don’t fall into reliance on others to guide you, teach you or empower you. You have it all within yourself to take charge and be great. So become the best you, possible. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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