Everything You Need To Know About Dating A Taurus Woman

Everything You Need To Know About Dating A Taurus Woman

If you were born somewhere in the period of time between April 21st and May 20th, you can go ahead and consider yourself one kick-ass amazingly awesome person. Welcome to the wonderful world of never knowing what to pick from a restaurant menu, and breaking down crying in the middle of a conversation: the life of a Taurus.

It’s not easy being amazing all the time. Just kidding. But honestly, being a Taurus is an emotional roller coaster. Here are some great and some not-so-great traits of being a lovely Taurus lady, and ultimately the hidden truths that everyone in relation with a Taurus needs to understand.

1. A Taurus woman is one of the most reliable people you will ever meet. 

You need help on your essay? Someone to talk to after you broke up with your boyfriend? A ride to the airport early in the morning? Whatever it is, you can count on us. We won’t let you down.

2. Jealousy rushes through her veins. 

Not the best of traits, but a jealous Taurus is a Taurus acting out of love and care. She doesn’t want you texting your “girl BFF” – not because she doesn’t pursue your happiness and well being within your friendships, but because she worries someone else might steal your mental and emotional attention when it should be hers. We know, it can be annoying and on behalf of all Taurus women, I would like to extend a mass-apology for our annoying, jealous remarks and comments from the past, and for those to come. It’s not a trait that’s easy to lose, so if you’re with a Taurus woman, just understand if you witness her signs of jealousy, she really likes you, man. Look at it as a good thing, and get used to it because chances are she’s not changing. 

3. She is the romantic chef you’ve always dreamed of. 

A Taurus absolutely kills it in three places, the kitchen being the first. Man can a Taurus whip it up! And I’m not talking about some sloppy plain old ham and cheese sandwich. Taurus women know food. They love food and they make sure any meal they have is nothing less than spectacular. So trust her menu selections.

The second place she kills it is on the dance floor. She moves to anything with a beat and regardless of her not-so-majestic vocals, she’ll sing her heart out, primarily during car drives, when getting ready in the bathroom, and during showers. She doesn’t shy away from being her outgoing self. She’ll make your mood flip a 180 with her high-energy, eclectic, and comedic persona. Not to say Taurus women don’t have their moments, because they sure as hell do. But her joyous and cheerful personality will undoubtedly outweigh her moody and bratty moments.

The third place she kills it is in the bubble of your relationships avenue of romance. She’ll do the petals leading to the bathtub thing or the surprise dinner when you come home. She does everything that she would want done for her, so in a way, she’s telling you to take notes. She plays fair. She does as much as she can, and her heart never stops giving. Her devotion to your happiness, good food, and romanticism will wake her up an hour earlier than she would like to, just to surprise you with a cozy delicious breakfast and spend the morning in bed naked with you.

4. She likes nice things. 

Because truly, what girl doesn’t? A Taurus female likes to be shown love via: gifts, surprises, sweet messages, displays of effort, attention, and quality time. Learning how a Taurus likes to be loved is the key to making her truly happy and maintaining a peaceful and prosperous relationship with her. Don’t mistake her admiration for quality things for materialism. A Taurus female is not after the name brand purse for the attention of others, but because she may genuinely love the design and the high quality of a handbag or pair of shoes. Do you wear your Nikes or Adidas for other guys to look down at your feet while you’re walking through a store and yell “fresh kicks man”? Right, neither does she. Just get her gifts and keep her happy. She’ll appreciate anything, but a Taurus female requires effort. She doesn’t care if you get her the smallest thing, she doesn’t expect grand gestures at all times. But show her you listen, care, and admire her. It’s truly the thought that counts for a Taurus, so put in a lot of it and keep her on her toes!

5. Did someone stay stubborn?

Okay okay okay, we get it, we’re stubborn. We love winning. We want every argument to be ours. Expect a real sour and bratty mood if we realize we just lost at something. The key to dealing with the stubborn attitude of a Taurus is to not engage with her in “attack mode.” Don’t throw fire on her anger if you see her frustration and defense is escalating. A Taurus is rational and thinks of things realistically. Remain mature, because nothing ticks her off more than low-blows, sarcasm, and a childish attitude. We understand – she can be difficult to handle at times. Just change the topic and get her food, even when she refuses (that’s her just being stubborn). She’ll almost always say “no thanks” or “I’m okay.” Do not believe her. She’s being stubborn and waiting for you to do it anyway. So just try to understand the psychological process of a Taurus woman, to the best of your ability.

Because we’re worth it, trust me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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