You Are Not What They Did To You

You Are Not What They Did To You

Please don’t think you are what they did to you. You are not. You aren’t less valuable because they left you. There’s not something wrong with you because they took advantage of you. You aren’t the words they spoke to you. You aren’t the words spoken about you. You aren’t the bruises on your body or heart from their hands. You aren’t trauma. You aren’t bad memories. You aren’t sin if that word means something to you. You are forgiven. You aren’t less than anyone. We are all equal.

I want you to know you don’t have to hide your heart from someone or something that could potentially be for you because you’ve been hurt. Moving on and opening up is scary. I hope you give yourself all the space and gentleness you need. The more you do this, the more you will see what you need come to you. Things don’t work out in this life when they aren’t aligned with your souls ideal journey. Every soul is a spirit and every spirit is moving towards something greater than what’s understandable. You don’t have to understand why something happened or what you should be doing now. All you need to do is be wholeheartedly loving and you will see all you need show up for you.

Maybe it was never about them deserving you or you deserving them. Maybe they treated you terribly not because they wanted to. Maybe they have a deep pain causing them to act certain ways. It’s not an excuse whatsoever, but compassion is forgiving and forgiving is healing.

Maybe they left you because they were never meant to be with you. Maybe you didn’t date that one person because you were never meant to.

Maybe you don’t know what you’re supposed to be doing currently because you’re meant to let curiosity lead you to knowing your True Self better. Maybe it’s not about knowing what to do and it’s about the process of figuring it all out. Because in the figuring out you can learn so much about so much.

Maybe your struggles aren’t for your people to understand because they haven’t struggled the way you have. Not everything in this life is attached to something you did wrong. Not everything in this life is attached to something wrong with you.  Our minds naturally hold on to negativity more than reality. Everything is what it is. Everything isn’t the sum of your overthinking. There’s usually always a maybe that can expand your perspective and help you see any situation in more light.

Jacqueline Whitney is the author of Beyond Worthy, a collection of poetry that offers hope and reassurance for those questioning whether they’ll ever truly be okay.

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