This Is For When You Need A Good Cry

This Is For When You Need A Good Cry

You know, you can cry if you need to cry. They say tears heal the soul.

You don’t have to hold it back. You don’t have to numb yourself to the emotions that are building up like skyscrapers that will never touch the sky. Numbing yourself isn’t protecting yourself. Protecting yourself is giving your heart permission to break so that your soul can touch heaven.

You don’t have to know why you need to cry. You don’t have to know why your breathing is getting heavy and your body is getting tingly. If you can’t cry, you don’t need to know why. Just be, sweet one, just be. Squeeze your hands in each other to comfort yourself a little. Hold your chest for a little to comfort yourself.

Your mind is a full moon and your emotions are Hawaiian waves. You are an ocean that feels in shallows and depths and that is okay. You hold life itself inside of you. You hold the weight of the world not only on your shoulders, but within every cell of your body. Let go of the unnecessary responsibility to save yourself or anyone else.

It is okay to feel changes the way you do. It is okay to feel loneliness like empty space within space. Cool down the wildfire inside of you with a good cry. Do not worry, the ocean that is within you will hold your tears safe and carry you to your peaceful place. Whether it’s a few drops down your face or an entire ocean  down your body – you will find peace in the shoreline of your precious beating heart.

Humans are the only animals that are able to cry tears. What a gift.

About the author

Jacqueline Whitney

Jacqueline Whitney is the author of Beyond Worthy, a collection of poetry that offers hope and reassurance for those questioning whether they’ll ever truly be okay.