You Will Find These Words When You Need To

You Will Find These Words When You Need To

Lean in closely to the words you are about to read. It is highly possible at least one sentence you need to see.

Your heart will feel lighter, your lungs will ease and clarity for what your future holds will come.

Light is coming. You are safe. Love has got you.

Everything is falling into pieces and those pieces are fitting into the exact places they need to.

It’s completely okay to not be able to explain what you feel or not know what to do next.

You don’t need to have all the answers. Follow your heart’s instincts and let universal fate do the rest.

It’s normal to be scared. Life is scary, but not as scary as it seems.

Vulnerability might be the most gentle, intense strength you can obtain. Don’t let it contain you. If speaking your truth feels terrifying, dance through fear. Someone needs to hear what you have to say. You deserve to say what you want to say.

You are good enough for people the way you are. You are imperfectly, perfect.

You are loved and worthy of being loved closely. You are loved closely.

You don’t need a lover to survive. You won’t be lonely forever. Someone out there needs your heart to hold forever. You are good enough to be wanted in every way. You are wanted.

You don’t have to be society’s ‘ideal look’ or have a certain body to be loved. I am not saying this because I have to. I mean it, you are beautiful. You are beautiful because you have a soul no other has. Your soul has purpose no other has.

Take care of yourself where you are right now.

This season of waiting is just that, a season. May you be patient in all things.

When your soul feels heavy and your life feels difficult, know that your soul will feel lighter soon. Beyond this darkness there will be light.

You are not your mistakes. You are the lesson you choose to learn through them. Keyword: choose. It is a choice to look for a lesson within every mistake. There is always one or a ton.

Everything is going to be fine. You will find happiness, comfort, and contentment in your life. I know you’re looking, but keep looking.

If they are continuously hurting you, it is time to walk away.

The pain of grief will go away. Your loved one is with you in spirit.

Don’t try to heal your bleeding hands before they’re ready. You will know when it’s time to begin healing. You will know when you have healed.

Don’t give up. The space you hold wouldn’t be the same without you. This is a truth. You are desperately needed.

I don’t think you’re numbing or hiding from your past when emotionally you need a break from it. Trust your heart’s timing. Trust.

You are not alone. You can do it. You are strong and you are capable. Be brave and be bold. You’re going to figure your life out. You don’t have to figure your life out now.

Rest up.

You are not broken even when you feel you’re breaking. You’re coming together, into all of who you’ve been made to be.

If you’re too hard on yourself, be more gentle. Start with, “I’m sorry.”

At the end of the day you are a human being and no human being has it all together. You really are doing better than you may feel you are.

I don’t know you, but I am so proud of you.

Above all, hold hope. Hope is evident everywhere.

You found these words when you needed to. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Jacqueline Whitney is the author of Beyond Worthy, a collection of poetry that offers hope and reassurance for those questioning whether they’ll ever truly be okay.

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