Forgive Yourself For Struggling With An Unclear Mind

Forgive Yourself For Struggling With An Unclear Mind

Lately, more than half of the time, her mind is half functioning to its fullest degree. Her thoughts mostly consist of, “Why does my brain feel this way?” Exhaustion feels too common. Fogginess as well. Frustration holds her head in a lock. She’s trying – with great effort – to unlock a clear mind. She’ll straighten her spine for better circulation to her mind. She’ll get up after sitting awhile to try and walk it off. This helps, but not enough. Caffeine makes her anxious. Sleep helps, but not enough. Exercise helps, but not enough. Nothing seems or feels enough. The day passes, it’s six o’clock, and she didn’t finish her days work. “Where did my day go? What did I even do?” Her days have been a blur and it’s uncomfortable. Being in public is uncomfortable. Answering the question, “how are you?” is uncomfortable. Her thoughts are beginning to live within her physical body and pain is showing up. Tension aches in her back. Headaches follow her to bed. She knows she is not crazy, but it sure feels like it sometimes.

For the one who thought, “This is me…”

Visualize your mind as a cloud. You are floating in a bright blue sky surrounded by other clouds. These clouds are other minds feeling the same fogginess you’ve been experiencing. You are not the only one experiencing an unclear mind. 

Visualize your breath as a cloud. As you inhale and exhale your white beauty expands – separating, allowing Light to break through. Light always breaks through when we give ourselves patient space to open up. You can find patience in all moments.

Now, notice the energy of your breathing. Notice its rhythm and its temperature on an exhale. Inhale deeply. Deep breathing opens pathways in your brain. It helps awaken your conscious and connection to your conscious brings natural energy to your brain. When your mind starts to overthink, go to your breath. When your mind collapses in a negative trap, go to your breath. Go to your breath when tension arises. Your breath is a reliable resource to clarity and energy. It is not the answer, but it is highly helpful.

Visualize your heart beating in a cloud – being held in the safety of its bright white beauty. No matter how your heart is beating, it is held safe in Light. So when your heart is beating uncomfortably, remind yourself darkness doesn’t hold you – Light is holding you, always.

We are so tiny compared to the vast Universe. When your mind feels small, picture yourself standing on a single piece of dirt while the Earth is spinning around you and other planets are spinning around the Earth. Look up at the sky. You are surrounded by an infinite amount of space. 

Visualizing helps my mind feel less tense and enclosed. When I open my creative perspective, my heart eases up, my mind quiets down, and I experience an energy release.

Place both hands on your heart. Take a breath.

Through a silent thought say,

“Sweet soul, I am sorry I’ve been really hard on you.”

Reply back, “I forgive you.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Jacqueline Whitney is the author of Beyond Worthy, a collection of poetry that offers hope and reassurance for those questioning whether they’ll ever truly be okay.

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