How This Mother Told Her Son The Truth About Santa Claus Will Completely Melt Your Heart

Mike Arney
Mike Arney

As a child, one of the funnest things about the Christmas season is Santa Claus. The idea of magic reindeer, secret North Pole workshops, and all the traditions that come with that, makes Christmas a fun and magical time.

However, as we grow older we begin to poke holes in the story of Santa Claus. I remember arguing with my cousins once, saying that make Santa doesn’t go down a chimney, but instead has a key that unlocks every front door. Over time, however, we become filled with more doubt and begin to ask our parents if there is really a St. Nick.

Instead of waiting for that awkward question, this mom had a different idea. A really good idea. Instead of telling her son that there was no Santa, she told him that he was the Santa.

Read on, it’s definitely worth it!


Not only did this mother communicate the truth to her son, she also invited him to take ownership of some Christmas cheer on his own. He found it in his heart to spread warmth and joy, and as it turns out, that is what Santa Claus is all about.

If I have kids someday, I will absolutely do something like this! TC mark

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