BREAKING: What The Hell Is Going On In This Election!?


As of 1:10AM EST, there is no clear winner of the 2016 United States Presidential Election.

Donald Trump has exceeded all expectations, currently leading Hillary Clinton with 244 to her 215 electoral votes.

The ultimate result of the election lay in the balance of some super close states: Michigan, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. A few other states are also outstanding. Many of the remaining votes in these states are in areas favorable to Hillary Clinton, but there’s a big question of whether that will be enough for her to overcome his modest margins.

To emerge victorious, Hillary Clinton must win almost all of the remaining states. The only state that is still voting in Alaska, which may end up actually playing a role in this election.

The conventional wisdom was that Donald Trump would lose to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tonight — perhaps in a landslide.

We will have an update for you when the results are more clear. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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