I Don’t Believe In Ghosts, But I Can’t Find An Explanation For What I Saw This Morning

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Today I was browsing one of my favorite sites — image-sharing website Imgur — when I saw this very interesting “confession bear” post.

Confession bear is a meme used on imgur when the poster is admittedly about to confess to something surprising, or not politically correct, or against conventional wisdom.

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I had to see what this was all about, so I clicked the post and read on:

So I manage a movie theatre that has long been rumored to be haunted by locals — It’s a great way to market horror films so I never discourage it. This morning I went into the office and the security camera was up and running showing one cinema door open. There was only one other person on site and I thought it was him I saw walk down the ramp from the open cinema but then the door shut. Our doors shut automatically when the film starts so figured that’s the part of the show he was up to during the morning tests.

But then I hear him walking down the stairs next to the office — they’re loud and creak a bit. He came into the office to remotely start the shows — which means the door shouldn’t have shut because there was no film playing. He hadn’t tested them yet and was just about to — so it wasn’t him I saw on the security camera.

We went and checked it out but the cinema was empty, the door was shut and everything seemed really normal. I then went back and checked the security footage and the file threw up a corrupted file error for the couple of minutes around this happening. I’ve never had an error like that before, never had the autodoors fail like that before and the whole place has limited time based access – in fact I’m the only person who can get in at any time. I have no idea what I saw, or what caused the glitches. But I don’t like it

Some commenters replied to the story, saying that it is likely OP was just being robbed, or victim to some weird glitch. But many more were also just as befuddled as him, accepting that perhaps there are things in the world that cannot be explained. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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