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When You Can’t Go On Anymore, God Will Fight For You

God will fight for you when you’re feeling tired, when you’ve done all that you can and there’s no end in sight. He fights when you’ve been fired from your job and the money stops coming in. He fights when your family abandons you, when you’ve lost friends, are grief-stricken, or have been discarded by your lover. God fights for you when you’re exhausted from your kids, when your body’s given up and your mind overthinks.

God fights for you. For the first time, you realize that you’re not invincible, though you try to do it all.

He’s been fighting for you the entire time, but sometimes it’s hard to notice. The world is deafening. God whispers. If you want to hear, you must lean in. You fight and fuss and torture yourself for the life you want, when sometimes you simply forget to ask. Answers come, sometimes suddenly, sometimes slowly. You only need to be still.

Prayer is accessible to you. It isn’t a far-off mystical act only reserved for a chosen few. God wants what’s best for you, though you may not see or understand it. Ask for the impossible things. Every prayer is answered. Look for the signs. Lean in and listen.

I was a bridesmaid at a wedding where the bride wanted us to wear a mint green dress. Where was I going to find that? After driving around to higher-end stores without any success, I went to the thrift shop.

I was done, defeated. I took a moment of silence and said, “God, I don’t even know if you care about this stuff, but I’m tired. I need a mint green dress in my size and a pair of silver heels for less than 20 bucks. Okkurrr. Thank you. Amen. “

I walked around the store and found nothing. As I was about to leave, I spotted a mint green dress and silver shoes on the display rack. Both were my size and under 20 bucks. Yes! I felt an urge to pause, to look up, to be still. That’s when I saw the dress.

I know this seems insignificant, but this moment always reminds me that nothing is too small for God to fight for. It’s a moment of surrender. To surrender is to be still. It doesn’t mean giving up. You’ve been conditioned to think that rest is a sign of weakness when it is the most significant sign of strength.

Your body repairs itself while you sleep at night. It’s able to identify the areas of hurt you’ve been masking throughout the day. It brings awareness and healing to areas of need. Sometimes these come out in dreams.

Healing is about conserving your energy before your life starts to get out of balance. You know your life is out of balance through the resistance you feel. It’s when everything goes wrong at the same time—your car breaks down, you get sick, your paystub comes late, your toilet overflows. It’s when you fight and get nowhere.

You need to be still.

Stillness starts with taking deep breaths. It begins with listening, shutting out the noise, digging your feet into the Earth, praying, and asking for answers. It’s an environment that makes you feel calm and comfortable. It’s where you find your truth. Sometimes you realize that you don’t even want the things you’ve been stressing about. Other times you affirm that you want them more than ever. It renews your strength to keep going. The life that you want is yours. It’s a life that’s more than material possessions. While it may not be a life free from suffering, it’s one where you can have internal peace, connection, and directed paths.

There’s no need to fear, only believe. God works behind the scenes to fight for quality things for you. Follow the open doors. When you’re tired and can’t go on anymore, God will fight for you. You only need to be still.

About the author

Arlene Ambrose

Arlene is a self-healing authour, and stress management coach