The Inspirational Story Of Pokémon Go’s Creation Will Inspire You To Never Give Up On Your Dreams

Facebook / Roger James Hamilton
Facebook / Roger James Hamilton

Pokémon Go — the new game that allows you to bring the popular world of Pokémon into your everyday surroundings — has been a huge hit. Many financial spectators expect the name to have increased Nintendo’s value by over $7 billion, and it has become an overnight pop culture staple.

But this rapid success didn’t actually happen overnight!

The game’s creator, John Hanke, has been working toward this goal for over twenty years. Entrepreneur Roger James Hamilton tells the whole story in a pretty moving Facebook post:


Success might not come right away. Sometimes it takes a very long time to accomplish something truly great. But never give up on your dreams. Achieving your wildest dreams will not be easy, it will not be fast, but it can — and will — happen if you keep fighting for it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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