Wentworth Miller’s Viral Response To A Fat-Shaming Meme Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

Just a few days ago, Wentworth Miller became the target of a fat-shaming meme shared by the LAD Bible which quickly went viral.


The meme, featuring a picture of Miller during his time as a Prison Break star up against a picture of him in his later years, and blatantly pokes fun the weight that he gained with the caption —

“When you break out of prison and find out about McDonald’s monopoly…”

Honestly, a pretty lousy move. It would make sense for Wentworth Miller to respond with a pissed rant. But he doesn’t.

What he actually does is so much more incredible:

Facebook / Wentworth Miller

He goes on:

Facebook / Wentworth Miller

The post has since gone mega-viral with over 75,000 likes, and the LAD Bible has officially come forward to apologize:

Thank you Wentworth for putting so much of yourself out there for us <3. TC mark

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