Wounded Veteran Whose Leg Was Blown Off By A Muslim Militant Explains EXACTLY What He Thinks Of Muslims

Facebook / Chris Herbert
Facebook / Chris Herbert

Chris Herbert is a United Kingdom veteran who lost his leg to a foreign militant while serving his country in combat. The militant responsible identified himself as a Muslim.

Because of this, bigoted people who dislike other colors and cultures always seem to assume that Chris is on their side. Of course he hates Muslims, they blew up his leg after all.

But Chris isn’t on their side. Not by a long shot.

Read what he had to say:

Facebook / Chris Herbert

All across the world, we see racism and bigotry becoming acceptable again. We have US Presidential candidates talking about banning Muslims from the country, or setting up a national ID system that tracks people of certain faiths or colors. We have rich people trying to shut our doors to needy children and families, just because of the color of their skin, or the religions text in their knapsack.

But then we have Chris Herbert, a wounded veteran with a genuine axe to grind, who is telling the rest of us to shut the fuck up and judge people based only on the contents of their hearts.

Chris might not even read this article, because he’s too busy living a life unburdened from hate, but he’s honestly the most inspirational person I’ve read about in a long time. Chris, thank you for your service. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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