14 Incredible Dorm Room Hacks That Will Absolutely Change Everything

1. Buy command hooks for your hair accessories

2. Or for the jewelry!

3. Basically, command hooks are good for EVERYTHING, including decorating!

Flickr / PRORina Pitucci
Flickr / PRORina Pitucci

4. Use a hanger to keep your door open with less hassle!


5. Hang up Christmas lights so you don’t have to deal with annoying overhead florescent lighting!

6. Use paperclips and string to hold up cute photos!


7. Hang your scarves on a hanger to keep them out of the way!

Source: bedifferentactnormal.com

8. Bed risers will help you create space under your bed for storage!


9. Buy plastic drawers for socks, underwear and knick-knacks because usually the room doesn’t come with enough storage on its own.


10. Over the door organizers aren’t just for shoes! Put all the knick-knacks you don’t know where to go with in one!


11. Get a portable container for your toiletries — especially if you have a community bathroom.


12. Make sure you have a fan if your dorm doesn’t have A/C!

13. Turn your used wine bottle into a jewelry holder!!

14. Use plastic cups to organize small random things (otherwise they get EVERYWHERE) and you never find them! Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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