Paramedic Who Makes $15 An Hour Tells The World EXACTLY What He Thinks About Fast Food Workers Earning The Same

Flickr / Joe Monin
Flickr / Joe Monin

New York is planning to incrementally raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour for all fast food employees. Many people on social media have complained that many other professions, like entry-level medical professionals, do much more work than people who merely “flip burgers.” They argue that fast food workers don’t “deserve” a higher minimum wage. Lots of people are making that case. But not everyone is.

A Texas-based paramedic, who wrote a message that was reposted on popular image sharing site Imgur, also makes $15 an hour, and he has something to say about the minimum wage increase. But it isn’t what you might think.

Read his heartfelt message below.

Just found this and it struck home pretty well.

Agree or disagree, this seems like a very compassionate way to examine the issue of the minimum wage. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Correction: The article originally stated the paramedic lived in New York — where the wage-hike is taking place. He actually lives in San Antonio, Texas. His original post is here.

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