A Spotify Playlist To Help You Heal

Every day brings an arrangement of new emotions. You may be feeling motivated and inspired, or perhaps you’re feeling disconnected from the world. You may be recently recovering from a year of heartbreak, abuse, or mental illness. Maybe you aren’t feeling a renewed sense of clarity, but rather just confusion. Maybe you’re craving a fresh start, but you aren’t willing to let go.

You see, the thing is, I believe that you can find healing. I believe that you can travel beyond what is holding you and let go of it all. I believe that you can take the pain that’s been wrapping itself around your heart, and tell it that you’re ready for it to leave. While healing may not be this simple, the first step in it all is to detach from your suffering. What better way is there to start on your healing journey than by listening to songs that can take you to that mental space?

This a playlist to help you heal. This is a playlist to help you collect your broken pieces and simply make them a part of you. This is a playlist to give you strength when you wake up tired or depressed. These are the lyrics and the messages and the light to run to when it all gets to be too much.

So let these words, and acoustics accompany you as you navigate your healing. Let them be the catalyst for finally finding the heart relief you’ve been searching for.

The playlist kicks off with Redemption by Dermot Kennedy. This song reminds you that every wrong can turn you into a better person. It talks that redemption can come for all of us, regardless of the moments that we’ve found ourselves in. From here, the playlist soothes us with the angelic Back In My Body by Maggie Rogers. This song is extremely powerful, as it reminds us that sometimes in our grieving processes, we lose a connection with our body and soul. It lends the incredible feeling of being at home with your body. This concept is a huge step in the healing process.

Sometimes in our healing, we just need to be reminded of the simple things. We need someone to look at us and remind us that the world is beautiful. Blue Skies by Noah And The Whale gives us an emotional mantra that helps us to remember that we even just find beauty in the blue sky. This song reminds us that healing is hard, even when blue skies are coming.

“This is a song for anyone with a broken heart

This is a song for anyone who can’t get out of bed

I’ll do anything to be happy

Oh, ’cause blue skies are coming

But I know that it’s hard”

Come Out And Play by Billie Eilish is the perfect anthem to a rebirth. She starts by singing about smelling the coffee, enjoying conversations, and loving the way that someone talks to you. This song encourages us to fall in love with the normal intricacies and details of life. The tune of this song is very soft and peaceful and brings a calm serenity to all of the chaos.

Something Good Can Work by Two Door Cinema Club is a positive anthem that gives us more hope for the things ahead. The title itself reminds us that things can work out, and they do work out. This song is the perfect way to tell yourself that just because things have been bad for a while doesn’t mean that they always will. Break up the negative thinking patterns with the thought, “What if this does work out?”

“Let’s make this happen, girl

We’re gonna show the world that something good can work

And it can work for you

And you know that it will”

Between Me and You by Brandon Flowers takes us on a journey through the most real parts of love and life. It talks about the conflict of chasing love, and your dreams, and trying to follow your heart all at the same time. This song reminds us that healing is actually really complicated sometimes. It often requires losing people who are closest to us and wading through a lot of really difficult situations. Sometimes, all we can do is hold on and survive. Sometimes that’s all healing we have the energy for.

The Good Side by Troye Sivan is a beautiful and heart-touching anthem to the good and the bad parts of life. This song talks about a journey of feeling guilty that you’re able to find healing and peace while others are still hurting. This is so relevant to hurting, as sometimes you have to distance yourself from people who are holding you back. It’s hard to learn that other people in our life won’t take the healing journey with us, but we have to take it regardless.

“I got the good side of life (good side of life)

Traveled the universe twice (the universe twice)

So many thoughts I wanted to share

But I didn’t call ’cause it wouldn’t be fair”

Out Of The Woods By Ryan Adams is the perfect song to take with you into your healing process. It’s slow and the soothing ballad is combined with powerful lyrics that symbolize moving on. The song talks about moving past the woods, the place where everything is foggy and hard to see. It recognizes that there is more clarity ahead and that we can search for it.

You Can’t Rush Your Healing By Trevor Hall is the ultimate healing anthem. It has the message that is the deepest and needs to be the most remembered. Healing is not linear. We do not all heal at the same rate or at the same pace, but we heal when we’re ready. We heal when we get the strength to, and it’s going to look different than everyone around us. It makes it clear that the more we rush healing, the more that it will leave us. We have to let healing flow through us and come in its own time. We have to let it make its own home with us.

“what everybody’s got that chapter

of dark and darker days

saturn seems to be returning

and his essence can’t be tamed

some may light to fight it

try to plan a secret attack

but the more you push it

the more it’s pushin’ you back


you can’t rush your healing

darkness has its teachings

love? is never leaving

you can’t rush your healing

your healing”

Maybe you can find the healing you have always been looking for. Maybe you will listen to these songs and feel better, and maybe you won’t. Regardless of what comes your way, I hope that you search for healing. I hope that you disconnect from the people and the places that are hurting you and find a space for your heart. I hope that you travel through the unknown and that you sit with your pain. I hope that on any hard days that you will listen to this playlist and these anthems and discover yourself again.

As the seasons change and as you find your peace, I hope you heal. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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