At The End Of The Day, You Have To Come Home To Yourself

The word home gets thrown around so easy these days. It is used as a word to describe a relationship, a partner, or an apartment that is decorated to fit our liking.

Although each of these people or places can feel like home, they’re all so finite.

They could all be so temporary, and they could all fall out of your control. The person that you’re in love with that feels like home, could leave you in an instant. The apartment that you cling to, is simply a combination of material objects. All of the things that we often deem worthy as being our homes are only but a temporary place in the grand scheme of our entire life.

Regardless if we like it or not, we need a place to call our own. We need a safe haven, a refuge, somewhere we are loved, and trusted. A place that we can run to when no one hears us out, and we feel the walls caving in.

At the end of the day, you have to come home to yourself.

I don’t mean that you have to live on your own, and can never enjoy companionship.

I mean that you have to belong to yourself.

You have to make yourself a home that you’re welcome in.

You make yourself home by finding inner peace, stability, and  comfortably being in your own skin.

You make yourself home by lighting up your heart with passion, and excitement, and knowing that you have your best interest in mind.

You make yourself home by extending self-love to every corner of your imperfect body, and to every hole within your heart.

You make yourself home by setting boundaries with others and not being a doormat.

You make yourself a home each time you realize that at the end of the day, you need to give yourself grace.

At the end of hard days, you’re able to allow pain to flow, and joy to heal because you’re so familiar with who you are.

When you come home to yourself it is a perfect paradox. It is the place where you can feel everything that you want to, and nothing it all. It is the place where you’re searching for belonging but don’t need it. It is when you can stand up for your values, and not be shifted by everyone who walks into your life.

Coming home to yourself is giving yourself the opportunity to change, grow, and become someone completely new.

The world is going to throw a million things at once at you.

You’re going to be bombarded with every lack of peace you can think of, and you have to come home to who you are.

You have to get in a place with yourself where you flow through life as the person you want to be, always growing, and always shifting.

You have to get to a place where you love yourself enough to set boundaries and stand up for the causes you want to pursue.

At the end of the day, you have to come home to you.

You have to belong to you.

A girl obsessed with words trying to navigate through the world.

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