5 Songs For When You Want To Reflect On Where You Are In Your Life

1. ‘Human’ by Daughter

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I’m cursed with the really unfortunate title of being a procrastinating perfectionist. I firmly believe that there’s nothing wrong with recognizing that there’s always room for self-improvement. But at the same time, I think that in constantly trying to be the best versions of myself all the time, I forget that sometimes I need to take a step back and breath. This world is crazy place filled with constant competition for any number of things (i.e.: jobs, grades, boyfriends/girlfriends/friends in general, etc.), and sometimes wanting to have it all takes its toll on our mental state. There’s not a single doubt that all of you are wonderful, charismatic, adventurous, driven, persistent people. But you’re also only human. And sometimes, you’re going to have a bad day. Or week. Or month. And that’s okay! You aren’t going to feel on top of things all the time. But it’s just the human nature of things. And this song is there to remind you that there is nothing wrong with that. So recognize it for what it is, and remember not to beat yourself up. You’re beautifully, only human.

2. ‘Ten Thousand Hours’ by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

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I also think it’s really, really important to have one thing, no matter how big or small, that you can dedicate yourself to. I’ve always thought that the most important attribute your life can carry is passion. Whenever I’m feeling uninspired or unmotivated, I listen to this song and my drive gets right back up and running. You’re capable of absolutely anything, so long as you give it your all. A little bit of time, patience, and hard work can produce the most beautiful life you’ve ever imagined. And you deserve a beautiful life. Working for your dreams makes them that much sweeter.

3. ‘The Artist’ by The Hush Sound

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Along with being a procrastinating perfectionist, I also got stuck with the lovely title of being an over-thinker to the tenth degree. For way longer than I care to admit, people’s opinions about me had way more impact on my opinion of myself than it should have. And that’s a miserable way to live. One day, I heard this song, and it threw my entire way of thinking for a loop. Here’s what I got from it: just because someone perceives you to be a certain way, doesn’t mean you are that way. I’m sure a lot of people out there already know that. And if you do already know it, I applaud you big time. That’s a huge weight off your shoulders and a serious sign of a healthy self-image. But if you’re anything like I was, I hope this song helps you to see what I saw. Just because someone has an opinion about you, doesn’t mean it’s always right.

4. ‘Soul Meets Body’ by Death Cab for Cutie

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The first time I heard this song, I was struck by the simplicity of its message. Whenever life gets to be a little too crazy or too wrapped up in the materialistic whirlwind that is living in the 21st century, I listen to this song and remember how important it is to get back in touch with our roots. There’s a cleansing effect that comes from being alone in the middle of nature and appreciating how we can grow from being with the natural gifts the world has to offer. I’m not saying you need to up and move to the middle of the woods, Thoureau style. But do your mind and body a service, and take a step back from the concrete and technology and nourish your mind and soul with some one on one with good ol’ Mother Nature.

5. ‘Famous Last Words’ by My Chemical Romance

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Okay, so maybe I’m a little bit of a cornball, but this song hits me right in the feels every time I put it on. And yes, I still get chills every time I listen to it. I found this song at a seriously low point in my life when I felt like going on was about the biggest burden I could carry. And when I heard it, it felt like all was right in the world. I think we should make it a point to sing our own praises much more often, and the one thing you should be remember about yourself is just how strong you are. Every day that you are alive is a testament to that strength, and this song really helped me to recognize that. And besides, who doesn’t have a soft spot for My Chemical Romance? Am I right? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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