Signs A Guy Is Really Turned On By You

23 Signs A Guy Is Really Turned On By You

You’ve probably heard time and time again that actions speak louder than words. That’s why you need to pay close attention to your crush’s body language. If he’s sexually attracted to you, then there should be some subtle signs hinting at his interest. You simply need to know what to keep an eye out for. Although sexual attraction isn’t always obvious, here are some signs a guy is really turned on by you:

He always chooses the seat closest to you.

Some guys are shy and will avoid you to avoid embarrassing themselves. However, most of the time, someone who is sexually attracted to you will spend as much time with you as possible and get as physically close to you as possible. It opens up the door for conversation. It gives them the opportunity to get to know you better — and maybe even accidentally brush into you.

He likes everything you post on social media.

He leaves fire and heart emojis under every picture you post. He watches all your stories and compliments how good you look in every single one. If he’s showing interest on social media, he’s interested IRL. Especially if he isn’t leaving similar comments on anyone else’s posts. If you’re the only one, it means you’re special.

He makes eye contact from across the room and smiles.

It’s important to pay attention to his eyes. Do they light up when you walk into the room? Do they trail over your body when you’re walking toward him? Does he stare at your lips while you’re speaking, like he’s thinking about kissing you? The eyes are the windows to the soul, so if he can’t stop staring at you, it’s one of the most obvious signs he’s interested. Don’t underestimate the importance of eye contact.

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He initiates physical contact.

If he’s physically attracted to you, he’s going to touch you as often as he can. Maybe he’ll brush his shoulders or thighs against yours when you’re sitting side by side. Maybe he’ll reach out and tuck your hair behind your ear. Maybe he’ll hold your hand or squeeze your shoulder or kiss your cheek. Either way, he’ll find any excuse he can to put his hands on you.

He compliments your physical appearance.

Compliments about your hair, clothes, and eyes are all great signs. After all, actions aren’t the only thing that matters. Words are important too. However, he might give the same compliments to everyone, so listen closely. If it’s just you, that’s a good sign that you’re the one he wants.

His voice deepens when talking to you.

Believe it or not, a deeper voice could signal sexual chemistry. Some researchers have found that both men and women use a lower pitch when speaking to someone they have a sexual interest in. So pay close attention to the way they sound when speaking to you compared to how they sound when speaking to others. It could give you a hint about whether they’re sexually attracted to you.

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He keeps touching his lips.

He licks his lips. He strokes his lips. He stares at your lips. This is one of the most obvious signs that he’s thinking about kissing you. If you want to kiss him too, make sure your body language hints that you feel the same way. Make him feel comfortable so he knows there’s mutual attraction and makes the first move.

He fidgets constantly — even though he’s usually calm and collected.

You’re the only person he’s this nervous around. Usually, he’s confident. He doesn’t stumble over his words or trip over his own two feet. However, the second you enter the room, he gets sweaty, blushes, and fidgets with his clothing, jewelry, and hair. He wants to impress you, so he’s terrified of saying the wrong thing.

You notice his legs spread.

Some men will instinctively uncross their legs, and even spread their legs, when they want to come across as attractive or protective. They might also drape their arms around the back of their chair or nearby objects. They’re trying to look cool to impress you.

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He initiates sexual contact.

Sometimes, it’s hard to tell exactly what a man is thinking. However, if he kisses you, runs his hand up your thighs, or leads you into his empty bedroom, then he is clearly attracted to you sexually. Just be careful because this doesn’t always mean he’s emotionally attracted to you or wants a relationship with you.

He mirrors your movements.

If someone is sexually attracted to you, they might copy your movements without even realizing it. If you lean forward, they’ll lean forward. If you push hair behind your ear, they’ll push hair behind their ear. They might even start using words and phrases that they’ve heard you use and will match your volume.

His eyes dilate when he sees you.

When humans see something or someone that interests them, their pupils will grow bigger. You’re going to have to pay close attention to him to catch this one, but it’s important to make eye contact with your crushes anyway.

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He dresses up whenever he sees you.

If you have other friends who know him, you can ask them how he usually dresses. If he only wears his finest clothes when he’s hanging out with you, he’s dressing to impress. He wants to make a good impression. He’s hoping that you find him attractive, too.

He initiates contact and is a good communicator.

He texts first. He asks to hang out with you. He puts plenty of effort into the relationship. Although this might only be a sign that he’s a good friend, it’s probably a sign that he’s attracted to you if it’s combined with other elements on this list. After all, if he likes you, he’s going to do his best to see you as much as possible.

His feet are always pointed toward you.

Usually, people will face the person or object in the room that interests them the most. Even if you’re across the room from him, it’s a good sign if his knees, legs, and feet are pointed in your direction. It means that’s the direction where he’s focusing most of his attention.

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In groups, he keeps looking at you.

Whenever he tells a joke, he looks to see if you’re laughing because your opinion matters the most to him. He doesn’t care about anyone else. He’s only concerned with your reaction. Even when there are a dozen other people in the room, you feel like it’s only the two of you. The sexual chemistry is palpable.

He asks about your relationship status.

He asks whether you’re single. He wants to know whether you’re available on weekends. Even if he hasn’t come out and asked you on a date yet, he’s been hinting about his interest. He might be waiting for a signal you feel the same before he makes his move.

He tries to get you alone as often as possible.

Although he enjoys hanging out with you in groups, he tries to pull you aside to talk one-on-one. He doesn’t want anyone else in the room, stealing you away from him. He wants to have you all to himself. After all, it’s much easier to flirt without an audience.

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He would rather Facetime than text.

He never ignores your messages. He answers anything you send to him. In fact, he actually prefers video calls to texting because he gets to see your smiling face. This is proof he loves looking at you. He can’t get enough of your beauty.

He gets jealous when he sees you with other guys.

You can tell he’s annoyed when another attractive guy walks into the room. And if you mention going on a date with someone else or bring up an ex, he will instantly switch into a bad mood. He doesn’t want to picture you with anyone else. He wants to be the only guy who has your heart.

He isn’t shy about sharing with you.

He’ll give you his jacket when you get cold. He’ll split his food with you. He’ll share his seat with you — and even let you sit on his lap. He doesn’t mind letting you into his personal bubble. In fact, he seems happiest when you’re as close as humanly possible.

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He keeps shifting in his seat.

He might be antsy because he can’t stop thinking about touching you. He’s eager to end your conversation and put his hands on you. Or he might be trying to conceal the fact that he’s turned on and his lower half is making it painfully obvious.

He asks you on a date.

Don’t overthink things. Don’t assume no one could ever have a crush on you. If someone asks you out, you shouldn’t worry about impressing them with your appearance. Chances are, they already find you attractive. They wouldn’t have asked you out otherwise. So stop stressing and enjoy your date!

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