6 Reminders When You're Newly Single For The First Time In A Long Time

6 Reminders When You’re Newly Single For The First Time In A Long Time

1. You should be proud of yourself for choosing the single life. It’s so much easier to pretend the wrong relationship is right than to admit the truth. It’s so much easier to stay in a relationship that feels comfortable than to start from scratch. You should be proud of yourself for doing what’s best for yourself. Most people would pretend they were happy, pretend everything is fine, pretend they were making the right choice by staying. But you made the right choice, the strong choice. You should be proud of yourself for that!

2. It’s okay if you feel like you have no idea what you’re doing. Most people feel this way. You’re not alone. You’re going to fit right in with everyone else who has been wondering whether there’s some huge dating secret that they weren’t let in on. Even though navigating the dating world is confusing, especially after you spent so long as part of a couple, you’re going to get through this. You’re going to find your way and have a great time doing it!

3. Your worth hasn’t changed now that you’re single again. Your friends in relationships aren’t necessarily any happier than you. Your friends in relationships aren’t necessarily any more successful than you. Your relationship status has nothing to do with your value, so stop assuming you’re falling behind. You’re right where you’re meant to be, so try your best to enjoy the journey. You never know what you’re going to find, and that can be exhilarating.

4. It’s better to leave a relationship that isn’t working than to keep holding on. If you stayed in your last relationship, things wouldn’t have gotten better. You were only prolonging the inevitable by staying, so it’s good you got out when you did. It’s good you’re on your own again, because if you didn’t start over today you would have to start tomorrow. Ripping off the bandage now will give you a chance to start building a more comfortable future.

5. Regrets aren’t going to get you anywhere You could have left your last relationship sooner. You could have found someone new by now. Or you could have worked harder to salvage your last love. But dwelling on the past isn’t going to change it. It’s much more productive to focus on your present and your future. You’re allowed to cry about what you’ve lost, but don’t trick yourself into believing you’ve lost everything.

6. No matter how low you feel right now, you’re going to love again. Even if your last relationship was a whirlwind, it’s not the only thrilling romance you’ll ever have. You’ll fall in love again, and others will fall in love with you again. You’re not going to be alone forever. But even if you’re alone for a while, that’s not so bad! The single life can be exciting. It can give you a chance to focus on yourself, on what you want to accomplish, on what you want to become. Relationships aren’t everything. You are everything.

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