Don't Let Heartbreak Convince You To Hide Away

Don’t Let Heartbreak Convince You To Hide Away

Don’t let heartbreak convince you you’re unlovable. Your worth doesn’t change with your relationship status, so your opinion of yourself shouldn’t change either. Even though this relationship has run its course, there will be more in the future. Losing one love doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you. It isn’t an excuse to start hating yourself. Be gentle with your heart because it deserves to feel full.

Don’t let heartbreak convince you relationships are dangerous. Just because one person wasn’t able to see your potential doesn’t mean that every other relationship will end the same way. Just because one person tricked you into feeling comfortable before leaving doesn’t mean the next person will repeat the process. Every love is different, so don’t let this relationship taint the ones you’ll develop in the future.

Don’t let heartbreak convince you that you wasted your time. Not every relationship is meant to last. Some loves are only temporary. They’re meant to bring us happiness for a short while before leaving with a lesson and plentiful memories. Remember, just because you parted ways doesn’t mean your time together was a waste. It doesn’t mean you should regret the good times you shared.

Don’t let heartbreak convince you to swear off of relationships and hide yourself away. Yes, putting yourself out there means there’s a chance you’ll get hurt — but some risks are worth taking. You don’t want the right person to slip away because you were too scared to let down your walls for them. It’s okay to stay guarded in the beginning and take things slow, but don’t push away someone who genuinely makes you happy.

Don’t let heartbreak convince you to punish yourself. Even if you made a mistake and that’s the reason why you’re single, it’s not a reason to treat yourself like a punching bag. You’re allowed to mess up. If you’ve apologized to this person and are putting in the effort to do better, that’s all you can do. Instead of dwelling on what went wrong in the past, try to focus on what you can do right in the future.

Don’t let heartbreak convince you to settle. You should be proud of yourself for being single instead of compromising your values and beliefs. You don’t want to stay with the wrong person. You don’t want to force yourself to stick in a relationship that isn’t benefitting you. It’s good that you were able to leave when your heart was begging you to stay. Being single is so much more fulfilling than staying in the wrong relationship. Even though you might be upset right now, this is what’s best in the long run.

Don’t let heartbreak convince you to give up on love. Most people don’t find their soulmate on the first try. They don’t enter one relationship and make it last forever. Most people find love more than once — and it grows more and more beautiful each time. Remember, there’s no age limit on love. You can find it at any moment.

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