In 2021, I Want To Become The Strongest Version Of Myself

In 2021, I Want To Become The Strongest Version Of Myself

In 2021, I want to focus on my own self-growth, my own personal journey, my own inner transformations. I want to spend less time wondering what everyone around me is thinking and worrying whether they’re silently judging me. I want to say goodbye to the desire to impress the people around me and focus on making myself proud. I want to treat myself as a priority, the way I should’ve done a long time ago.

In 2021, I want to grow into a stronger version of myself. I want to actively put effort into becoming a healthier, happier, more-well rounded human. I want to work on dumping the baggage I keep putting off for another day. I want to stop procrastinating when it comes to making the changes that are going to bring me the most happiness, peace, and sense of fulfillment.

In 2021, I want to live with a fearlessness that will propel me toward my dreams. I want to take chances on myself, even when it’s risky, even when there’s a chance failure will become my best friend. If something goes wrong, if my best isn’t good enough, at least I’ll be able to say I tried my hardest. At least I’ll be able to say I put my whole heart into the venture and didn’t let anything stop me from chasing after my unicorn ideas.

In 2021, I want to stop trying so hard to please the people around me and take the time to figure out what I want from this crazy world. I want to dig deep into my brain and discover what makes myself tick. I want to learn things about myself that I never paid attention to in the past, things that went ignored because I was too busy paying attention to my family and friends to dabble with introspection. I want to know myself better than ever before.

In 2021, I want to be a stranger to regrets. I want to take advantage of every opportunity given to me. I don’t want to let happiness pass me by.

In 2021, I want to become the strongest version of myself. I want to say goodbye to my fears, my insecurities, and my self-doubts. I want to focus on my inner beauty and my external blessings. I want to spend more time smiling than crying, and more time working toward a better future than dwelling on my past. I never want to forget that there are great things ahead of me, that there is so much potential hidden in these bones.

I know the new year doesn’t automatically mean they’ll be a new me. I know it isn’t going to be easy to grow and change. It’s going to take time. It’s going to take hard work and patience and resilience — but I’m willing to put in the effort. I believe it will be worth it in the end. I believe it’s finally time for me to put faith in myself, to trust that I am capable of more than I’ve ever given myself credit for before. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Holly is the author of Severe(d): A Creepy Poetry Collection.

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