Almost Relationships Aren't Fair To You

Almost Relationships Aren’t Fair To You

Almost relationships aren’t fair to you because you deserve consistency. You shouldn’t have to sit there wondering whether your text is going to be answered in five seconds or five days. You shouldn’t have to wonder whether the other person is going to surprise you by ghosting you or asking you to be official. You shouldn’t be so utterly confused about their feelings for you or what they expect from you. You should know where the other person stands. You should have a clear idea of what is running through their mind.

Almost relationships aren’t fair to you because you deserve to feel wanted. You deserve to feel like you’re the most important person in the room when you’re with your partner. You deserve to know what deep, unconditional love feels like — and you’re not greedy for wanting something so meaningful. Despite what the mean voice in the back of your mind might be telling you, you don’t deserve to be a backup plan. You don’t deserve to be pushed aside when it’s inconvenient. You don’t deserve to feel like you’re a second choice.

Almost relationships aren’t fair to you because they are sticking you in relationship purgatory. They are making you believe there’s a chance a real relationship could be forming, when really, the other person isn’t interested in a change. They aren’t interested in a serious commitment like you are. They are holding you back from finding someone who matches you better, someone who is willing to hand over one-hundred percent of their heart.

Almost relationships aren’t fair to you because you’re honest about what you want. You’re transparent about your feelings. You wear your heart on your sleeve. You don’t tell lies to make others more comfortable. You don’t shy away from the truth — and you deserve someone who returns the favor, not someone who strings you along, not someone who pretends to care to stop you from finding someone who actually does.

Almost relationships aren’t fair to you because you’re looking for more. You shouldn’t settle for less. You shouldn’t take what you can get because you assume you aren’t going to stumble upon anyone else. If you want a serious relationship, you deserve a serious relationship. Don’t pretend you’re fine with less than that, simply because someone who has stolen your heart refuses to meet your standards. They’re not the only person who will be interested in you. They’re not the best you’re going to get.

Almost relationships aren’t fair to you because you’re a catch. You have a soft heart, a kind soul, an authentic, genuine personality. Even more importantly, you are willing to put in the work that a relationship requires. You aren’t going to take someone you love for granted. You aren’t going to purposely harm their heart. You are going to be attentive and affectionate. You are going to be supportive and encouraging. You are going to give your person everything they deserve — and you should be getting that same type of love in return. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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