6 Reminders To Read When You Get Ghosted

6 Reminders To Read When You Get Ghosted

1. You probably didn’t do anything wrong. You have to stop replaying conversations in your head and trying to figure out where you went wrong because you probably didn’t mess up as badly as you think. This person probably would’ve ended up walking away from you, regardless of how you chose to behave. This situation doesn’t reflect poorly on you. It doesn’t mean you’re unattractive or unlovable. It says more about them than it says about you.

2. You shouldn’t put effort into someone who refuses to put in effort of their own. As badly as you want to reach out to this person, to reconnect with them and figure out what went wrong, you need to ask yourself whether they are worth the trouble. Are they giving you as much as you’ve been giving them? Are they making you feel valued? Or are you the one who is always putting in the energy, always initiating the texts and the hangout sessions? Your relationship is meant to be a two-way street. If they haven’t done much for you up until this point, you might not want to reach out to them again.

3. Their sudden disappearance probably wasn’t meant to insult you. They probably weren’t trying to be mean. They were probably trying to let you down easy. They probably assumed you would get the hint once they stopped answering messages and didn’t realize walking away would upset you this badly. You’re allowed to cry over what they did to you. You’re allowed to be angry. But you have to remember, they probably weren’t actively aiming to make you fall apart.

4. You’ve probably done the same thing at one point or another. Haven’t there been times when you’ve left messages unanswered in the past? Maybe you were swamped with work. Maybe you were busy dealing with mental health issues. Or maybe you were dealing with family problems. The point is, just because they dropped out of your life doesn’t mean they hate your guts. They might have naturally let you slip away because they had other things to worry about. The timing might have been bad. It wasn’t actually your fault at all.

5. You are worthy of the world. You deserve a partner who answers your messages — but you deserve more than that. You deserve happiness. You deserve peace. You deserve respect and self-fulfillment. You deserve to find someone who meets your highest expectations. Remember, you should never settle for less. You should never let your heartaches convince you that you’re going to be alone forever. Your loneliness is only temporary. Your sadness is only one step along a long journey.

6. There are plenty of other people out there who will be a better match for you. You might’ve gotten ghosted once or twice, but it isn’t going to happen every single time you develop a deep connection with someone. Eventually, your relationship is going to stick. You’re going to continue talking. You’re going to create something real. You don’t want what happened to you to turn you into a cynic. You’ll find someone worthwhile eventually. Things will work out for the best in the end. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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