6 Signs Your Heart Is Maturing

6 Signs Your Heart Is Maturing

1. You listen to common sense over your gut impulses. Before you text someone who is bad news or agree to go out drinking when you have to get up early the next morning, you take a minute to think through your options. You don’t automatically do whatever your heart wants without thinking through the consequences. You take the time to ask yourself whether your decision is a good idea in the long-term or whether it will only bring you temporary happiness in the short-term.

2. You’re able to see both the good and bad sides of a person. You no longer let your attraction to someone blind you. Even when you have a huge crush, you understand that the other person isn’t perfect. You don’t allow yourself to glorify them and put them on a pedestal. You know they have their flaws. They have their weaknesses. They aren’t perfect. It’s the same when you break up with someone. Instead of hating them and seeing them as a villain, you recognize they weren’t all bad. You understand people are complex and can’t be grouped into a single category. They have layers.

3. You’ve stopped assuming the world is over when your heart get broken. You’re allowed to mourn the loss of a relationship. You’re allowed to cry your eyes out when someone you thought would remain in your life forever turns out to be a temporary pitstop on your way to fulfillment. However, you don’t believe your entire world is going to end simply because you’re single again. You’re wise enough to know that life is about more than romantic relationships. You may be in pain right now, but you’re not going to feel this way forever, and you understand that.

4. You have learned how to express your most intense emotions without completely falling apart. Instead of screaming when you’re upset with someone or bursting into tears at the first signs of confrontation, you’re able to get your point across in a calm, reasonable manner. As long as the other person is receptive and respectful, you are able to talk to them in a productive way. Your communication skills have gotten worlds better.

5. You have raised your old standards. You will no longer accept less than you deserve. You have grown to understand that having standards isn’t selfish. It’s a sign you love yourself, respect yourself, and care about yourself. You’re not going to put yourself in an uncomfortable situation or settle for less than you deserve to make others more comfortable. You are going to put your own needs first.

6. You’ve stopped caring about outside opinions because you see your own value. In the past, you were deeply impacted by every single thing someone said about you. You couldn’t stand it when someone else didn’t like you. The smallest comments would severely impact your self-esteem. But now, you understand you cannot please everyone. You aren’t as concerned with what other people have to say about you. You care more about whether you are proud of yourselfThought Catalog Logo Mark

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