When You Love Someone, You Shouldn't Test Their Limits

When You Love Someone, You Shouldn’t Test Their Limits

When you love someone, you don’t push them until they break. You don’t test how much they can handle. You don’t try to see how much you can get away with before they freak out, before they start an argument with you, before they consider breaking up with you.

You shouldn’t want to bring your person anywhere near their breaking point. You shouldn’t want to be the cause of their unhappiness. You shouldn’t want to be the reason why they’re close to tears, close to coming undone.

When you love someone, you should be concerned with treating them right, even if that means you need to put a little extra effort into the relationship, even if that means it’s a little inconvenient for you at times. You shouldn’t be searching for shortcuts and loopholes. You shouldn’t be trying to cheat the system, to get around their expectations, to make life easier on yourself even if it means making life harder on them.

When you love someone, you should have your best interests as a couple at heart, not your own. You shouldn’t behave selfishly. You shouldn’t be doing whatever you want, regardless of how they might feel about your actions. You shouldn’t be advancing your own happiness at the cost of their happiness.

If your happiness cannot go hand-in-hand, then you shouldn’t be together. You shouldn’t stay with someone if the only way for you to experience happiness is by doing something that is going to negatively impact their satisfaction, their self-esteem, their sanity.

When you love someone, their happiness should matter as much as your own. You should want them to be in a good mood. You should want them to be in high spirits. You shouldn’t be comfortable putting them through hell, as long as you get your way in the end. It should hurt you to hurt them. It should be hard to see them cry.

When you love someone, you shouldn’t test their limits. You shouldn’t see long you can go without completing any chores, or how often you can flirt with someone else, or how much you can argue with them before they are finished with you. You should want to do right by them. You should want to meet their highest expectations, not their minimum expectations.

When you love someone, you should be willing to put in the effort to make them feel loved. You shouldn’t be looking for the easy way out. You shouldn’t be trying to bend rules and break promises. You should be giving your person everything they deserve.

You shouldn’t want to set the bar too low. You shouldn’t want to get away with murder. You don’t want to be a so-so partner, a bearable partner, a decent partner. You want to be the best possible partner for your person.

You never want them to feel like they’re settling in the relationship. You want them to feel like they’re lucky they’ve found the person they’re meant to spend forever alongside. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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