Stay Single Instead Of Texting Your Toxic Ex 

Stay Single Instead Of Texting Your Toxic Ex 

Stay single because the loneliness you’re feeling right now is going to pass. You don’t want to put yourself through heartache, simply because you’re bored right now. You don’t want a stupid, split second decision to snowball into a huge mistake you’re going to regret in a few weeks.

Stay single because your mind is messing with you. If you’re starting to wonder whether this person was the only one who is capable of loving you, of understanding you, of ‘putting up’ with you, then you’re wrong. There is someone else out there who isn’t going to put you through pain. They are going to treat you tenderly from the start.

Stay single because you already made the decision to leave this person, to move on from this person, to put this person in your past. You already realized that you weren’t a great fit for each other. You already learned how badly they could hurt you. There’s no reason to repeat history. There’s no reason to walk into a situation you already know is going to end poorly.

Stay single because you might think a relationship would make you happier, but you are so much better off on your own than with someone who doesn’t treat you right. Any old relationship isn’t going to satisfy you. The wrong one is going to make you more miserable. It’s going to make you more self-conscious. It’s going to make you more eager to find real, unconditional love.

Stay single because not everyone deserves a second chance. You don’t owe your ex your time or your attention, simply because you have history. Chances are slim that they’ve changed, and even if they have changed, it still doesn’t mean you need to try again. You don’t need to reach into your past in order to find love. There’s someone in your future who has been waiting for you.

Stay single because the pressure to enter a relationship is all in your head. Even if your friends and family have been trying to play matchmaker or are incessantly asking you about your love life, all they really want is for you to be happy. If you’re better off on your own for now, then they would rather you stay single, too.

Stay single because everyone moves at their own pace. Everyone reaches milestones at different stages of their life. You aren’t falling behind anyone. You aren’t missing out on anything. You should be proud you haven’t forced yourself into the wrong relationship simply so you can cross some milestones off a checklist. You’re waiting for the right person. You’re doing the right thing.

Stay single because you don’t want to travel down the same dark road you’ve already been down. You don’t want to fall for them again and break up with them again over and over on a loop. You are better than that self-destructive cycle. You deserve more than that illusion of love. So please, stay single instead of texting your toxic ex. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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