Keep Your Standards High Even If It Means You’ll Be Lonely For A While

Keep Your Standards High, Even If It Means You Might Be Lonely For A While

Keep your standards high, even if you’re uncomfortable with the idea of being on your own. Even if you hate the thought of sleeping in an empty bed. Even if you want a relationship more than anything in the world.

You don’t want to settle for someone who doesn’t fit you, someone who doesn’t respect you, someone who doesn’t deserve you, simply because you are worried about being alone instead.

Even though you might be by yourself for a while, it’s so much better to be single than to be in the wrong relationship. It’s so much better to keep your standards high than to temporarily lower them so you aren’t as lonely.

It’s not always comfortable spending your nights alone, but it’s a better option than spending your nights with someone who treats you terribly. It’s a better option than pretending the wrong relationship is working well.

You deserve more than you think. You can do better than you give yourself credit for. Don’t even consider the idea of settling because you’re going to find someone who brings you everything you need one day, and until then, you have to remain patient. You cannot rush things. You cannot jump into the wrong relationship, hoping that it works out even when all signs point to it failing.

There’s absolutely no reason for you to settle, because you don’t need to be in a serious relationship right now. You don’t need to find your forever person so soon.

You still have plenty of time, plenty of opportunity. You don’t need to get married tomorrow, simply because some of your friends have already reached that point. There isn’t an age limit on love, so stop trying to stick to a nonexistent timeline.

Keep your standards high, even when you are tempted to double text that person who keeps ignoring your messages.

Keep your standards high, even when you want to say yes to that date with your crush who has disappointed you time and time again.

Keep your standards high, even when you are wondering whether getting back with your toxic ex is a good idea.

Keep your standards high, even when you’re in the mood to be loved, even when you’re in the mood for sex, even when you’re in the mood for affection.

If you reach out to the wrong person when you’re lonely, it might make you feel better for a short stretch of time, but you’re going to regret it in the end. You’re going to wish you kept to yourself.

Keep your standards high, even though you might end up feeling lonely for a while. After all, loneliness isn’t the worst thing in the world. It will give you a chance to reflect on your life, to come up with plans for your future, to determine what you want from the universe and what you want from another person.

Loneliness can actually be a great tool. It can give you the chance to learn so much more about yourself than you ever knew before. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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