5 Signs You Should Stop Bothering To Text Him 

5 In-Your-Face Signs You Should Stop Bothering To Text Him 

1. Whenever you check your phone and his name isn’t there, you feel overwhelmed with sadness. There’s a difference between being a bit disappointed when he goes hours and hours without texting you back — and allowing your self-worth to be determined by whether or not he’s paying attention to you. If not hearing from him completely ruins your self-esteem, if you start wondering what the hell is wrong with you because he’s never there when you need him, then you probably don’t want to waste any more time on him. You don’t want to torture yourself when he continuously fails to give you what you want.

2. You’re putting your whole heart and soul into each message — and he’s replying with one word answers. Sometimes, it’s hard to find the words to say when you’re talking with your crush, which means it’s perfectly fine if he clams up every once in a while. But if he’s always the one killing the conversation with one word answers, even though you’ve been trying your hardest to entertain him with long blocks of texts, then maybe you’re not right for each other. Maybe you should stop exerting all of your effort trying to impress him when he doesn’t seem to be putting in any effort of his own.

3. You get sick to your stomach with nerves when you’re trying to come up with responses for him. It’s normal to reread your texts a few times in order to find the perfect words to say to your crush. It’s normal to feel a bit nervous about what you should say to them. But if you’re severely stressed to the point where you’re making yourself sick because you’re worried they are going to judge you or make fun of you, this person isn’t the one. If you were right for each other, your conversation would flow naturally. Even with your butterflies, you would feel comfortable together. You wouldn’t find it so hard to communicate. And you certainly wouldn’t be worried about them being nasty to you for no reason.

4. After you text him, you feel worse about yourself than before. Sometimes, you might like the idea of a person more than you like the actual person. If you always end conversations with your crush feeling creeped out or uncomfortable, then you need to ask yourself whether you really like them or whether you’re only interested because no one better is around to occupy your time. Are they really a good match for you? Or are you just bored and lonely?

5. The conversations only revolve around one thing. It’s nice to get compliments. It’s nice to know you’re wanted. But if you’re interested in a serious relationship and the only thing this person talks about is sex, then you might not be on the same page. You might want to be careful about letting them into your heart. You don’t want to assume they want a relationship, just because they’ve been flirty with you. They might want something else entirely. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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