When You Love Someone, Being Inconvenienced Doesn't Stop You From Putting In Effort 

When You Love Someone, Being Inconvenienced Doesn’t Stop You From Putting In Effort 

When you love someone, you’re going to answer their calls in the middle of the night when they are upset, even if it means you might lose out on some sleep, even if it means you might need an extra cup of coffee in the morning. You’re going to switch your priorities to making sure they are okay, because that is the thing you care about above anything else. You would never dream of leaving them to figure out their problems on their own. You would never abandon them when they need you the most.

When you love someone, you’re always there for them. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bad time. It doesn’t matter if you have other things to do. You show up when they’re going through something serious. You are their shoulder to lean on. Their rock. Their reminder everything is going to be okay in the end. 

When you love someone, you aren’t going to walk away from them when the situation becomes too inconvenient for you. You aren’t going to act like their problems are a bother and therefore none of your business. You aren’t going to distance yourself from them when times get tough because you only want to be around when they’re in a good mood. You aren’t going to pick and choose when you want to consider them a priority and when they are too much work for you.

The truth is, love isn’t convenient. It requires constant effort. It requires you to put in work every single day.

Your relationship is never going to last if you aren’t interested in making an effort. You shouldn’t pick and choose when to treat your person well, based on when it’s easiest for you, when you don’t have to go through much trouble, when things fall into your lap.

You can’t treat your person well when you’re bored and go MIA when you have better ways to occupy your time. You can’t switch between considering them a priority and your last option, depending on what mood you happen to be in on any particular day.

Your person deserves your love every single day. They deserve your attention every single day. They deserve your respect every single day. 

Sure, sometimes other things will get in the way of spending time with your person. Sometimes your focus has to shift to your work or your friends or your hobbies. After all, your person isn’t supposed to be the only important thing in your world.

But when they need you, you shouldn’t hesitate to be there for them. You shouldn’t be annoyed by the fact they’re interrupting your otherwise pleasant day. You shouldn’t treat them like a nuisance for expecting you to listen to their problems, to support them, to encourage them.

When you love someone, being inconvenienced won’t stop you from putting in effort. It won’t stop you from showing how much you care. It won’t stop you from being there for this person you care about more than anything. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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