X Reminders Every Girl With A Soft Heart Needs Right Now 

7 Reminders Every Girl With A Soft Heart Needs Right Now 

1. The right person is not going to consider you clingy. They are going to be excited about all of the attention you give. They are never going to accuse you of coming across too strong. They are never going to make you feel like you need to tone it down. They are going to appreciate your honesty and straightforwardness. They are going to appreciate how open you’ve always been with them from the start.

2. Your emotions are not a symbol of weakness. It takes strength to be honest about your feelings — even with yourself. Most people find it much easier to lie to themselves about what they want and what they are experiencing. Even though you might feel silly for getting so worked up over certain things, you need to remember that expressing your emotions is actually a good thing. It’s good that you let yourself feel. It’s good that you are in touch with your emotions. It’s good that you aren’t pushing your worries away and are facing them head-on.

3. Even though your soft heart can occasionally get you into trouble, it has also brought you so many beautiful things. Friendships. Relationships. Experiences. You might have gone through some rough heartaches, but you’ve also formed connections that are going to stay strong throughout your lifetime. Don’t dwell on what you’ve lost for so long that you forget about everything you’ve gained.

4. You should be proud of your strong moral conscience. You should be happy you always prioritize the right thing over the easy thing. Sure, there might be moments when you wish you were more cutthroat because people like that seem to have an easier time getting ahead, but your soft heart is invaluable. You always do the right thing. And that’s one of the most amazing things about you.

5. People who come across as unemotional, who hide away their true feelings, have probably gone through as many horrors as you. You’ve simply chosen to deal with your emotions differently. They’ve closed themselves off while you’ve remained open. You’ve remained positive. You’re actively choosing to see the best in people, to see the best in the world, and that’s not easy to accomplish.

6. Even though you’re a giver, you have to learn to accept things in return. You might feel more comfortable doing favors than receiving favors, but you deserve a helping hand, too. Don’t chase away kindness. Admit you deserve it as much as anyone else.

7. Your soft heart isn’t going to make it harder for you to find love. It’s actually going to make it easier for you to work out who is going to be a temporary presence in your world and who is more permanent. The temporary people aren’t going to understand your soft heart. They aren’t going to handle it gently. They aren’t going to get what you need from them and give it to you. But that’s okay because you don’t belong with those people. You belong with someone who appreciates the real you. Someone who would never ask you to change. Thought Catalog Logo Mark