If The Love Is Real, You Can Tell Your Person Anything

If The Love Is Real, You Can Tell Your Person Anything

You should be able to talk about anything and everything with your forever person. No topic should be off limits. Nothing should be too serious or too silly, too heavy or too hypothetical. You should feel comfortable spitballing ideas to them, revealing fears to them, opening up your gooey, bleeding heart to them.

You should be able to tell your forever person how you’re feeling, even when you’re embarrassed to be feeling that way. Even when you aren’t sure whether you consider your own emotions valid. Even when you feel kind’ve silly bringing up the topic at all.

If something is bothering you, then they will want to know. They will want to ease your worries. They will want to make sure you’re not stressing over something when they could easily put an end to your questions.

You should be able to tell your forever person about the expectations you have of them and your relationship overall. You should discuss where you see yourselves heading in the future and what kind of life you’re picturing years down the road. You should make sure you’re on the same page, make sure your goals align.

And if your person is on a completely different page, or if they aren’t exactly meeting your expectations, you should let them know as kindly as possible. You shouldn’t quietly resent them and hope they manage to read your mind and change their behaviors on their own. You should give them a head’s up. You should let them know what’s been bothering you and see if you can come to a compromise in order to fix your frustrations.

You should be able to be completely upfront with your forever person. You should be able to tell them when you need space and when you need attention. When you need their advice and when you simply want them to listen to you rant. You should be completely transparent with them, because if you keep things locked up inside, even tiny things, it’s slowly going to separate you.

You’ll understand each other more if you’re open to conversations. Open to compromises. Open to discussing your feelings in a raw, real way without any tiptoeing or censorship.

You should be able to tell your forever person when you feel on the verge of breaking down. Or when you feel too overwhelmed to put anything else on your plate. You should be able to tell your forever person what is going on inside of you, because sometimes, appearances lie. Sometimes, even the people closest to us can’t see what we’re going through — not unless we let them see. Not unless we choose to be honest. Not unless we let down our guards completely.

If you want a strong, healthy relationship, then you’re going to have to have tough conversations sometimes. But you should feel comfortable approaching your forever person about anything. You should feel confident you’re a team, and whatever you have to say will only strengthen your relationship, not weaken it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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