Don't Settle For An Unbalanced, Unreliable, Untrustworthy Relationship 

Don’t Settle For An Unbalanced, Unreliable, Untrustworthy Relationship 

Don’t settle for an unbalanced relationship where you’re always doing the bulk of the work. Where you’re running around, trying to get chores done and plan dates and come up with conversation topics. Where you’re in charge of every single aspect that makes the relationship run smoothly. Where you’re loaded down with stress.

You need to hold out for someone who shares responsibilities with you. Someone who helps you out when they see how much pressure you’ve been under, how much stress has been weighing you down. You need someone who never hesitates to lend a hand, even when they could easily get away with turning the other way, because they want to make life easier on you. They want you to relax. They want you to be happy.

Don’t settle for an unreliable relationship where you’re never sure whether your person is going to follow through. Where you’re used to broken promises. Where you’re accustomed to getting disappointed. Where you’re unable to tell whether your person is going to rise up and give you what you need or whether they are going to leave you to deal with your problems on your own.

You need to hold out for someone who you can count on. Someone who is going to have your back. Someone who is going to be there for you whenever you need them, even if it comes at an inconvenient time for them. You need someone who is there for you, always, no exceptions, no excuses. You need someone who makes promises — and actually keeps those promises.

Don’t settle for an untrustworthy relationship where you’re worried your person is going to leave at any time. Where you’re always on the lookout for threats, for red flags, for signs of cheating. Where you’re convinced it’s only a matter of time until they find someone more exciting than you, someone they like better. Where you’re counting down the moments until your relationship implodes.

You need to hold out for someone who wants you and only you. Someone who considers you their best friend, their partner, their soulmate. Someone who would never dream of hurting you. Someone who actually takes your feelings into consideration instead of making the most selfish choice. Someone who actually wants to be a permanent part of your world, not a short-term, temporary one.

Even though you might love someone, even though you might have your entire future planned out with them already, you have to ask yourself whether they are right for you. You have to ask yourself whether your relationship is a healthy one. You don’t want your heart to convince you to settle for anything less than you deserve. You don’t want to sell yourself short when there is something better out there for you, something brighter. You don’t want to make a painful mistake.

No matter what, never settle for an unbalanced, unreliable, untrustworthy relationship. Hold out for a relationship that is equal. A relationship that is consistent. A relationship that is strong. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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