In 2020, When You Fail, Get Off Your Ass And Try Again 

In 2020, When You Fail, Get Off Your Ass And Try Again

In 2020, stop assuming the worst about yourself. Stop assuming you’re better off quitting while you’re ahead because you’re never going to make it anyway. Stop assuming you might as well settle because this is as good as it’s going to get for you. Stop assuming one failure means it’s the end of your journey when you’re only at the beginning.

In 2020, don’t accept failure as an option. When you get your heart broken, get back on the dating scene and find someone it doesn’t hurt to love. When you get rejected from your dream job, get back online and fill out a new set of applications. When you do your best and it still isn’t good enough, don’t use it as an excuse to give up hope on yourself. Don’t act like you were destined to live an average life. Don’t act like this is your cue to quit.

When you fail, instead of turning into a cynic, instead of acting like the world is against you, instead of getting angry at yourself and everyone around you, get off your ass and try again.

Instead of crying into your pillowcase, instead of overthinking every little thing you’ve done wrong, instead of moping about how you’re never going to make it and don’t deserve happiness, get off your ass and try again.

Instead of falling into a slump, instead of pushing away everyone who tries to make you feel better about yourself, instead of self-destructing because you aren’t sure how else to process your emotions, get off your ass and try again.

Instead of comparing yourself to everyone you see on social media, instead of feeling like you’re falling behind your friends from high school, instead of telling yourself there’s no possible way you’re going to catch up to your peers, get off your ass and try again.

Even if 2020 is the greatest year of your life, you’re still going to experience failures. You’re still going to endure bad days. You’re still going to go through moments when you aren’t sure whether you have what it takes to make it. But you have to push through those questions, those insecurities, those doubts. You have to get off your ass and try again, even when it’s hard, even when it hurts.

In 2020, don’t you dare give up on yourself. Don’t you dare accept one failure as the end of the road. Don’t you dare continue your bad habit of thinking the worst of yourself. You are going to be successful — but first, you have to believe that’s the truth. You have to give yourself a bit of credit for a change.

2020 isn’t the year of perfectionism. It’s the year of persistence. It’s the year where you keep going, even when you feel like giving up on yourself. It’s the year when you show yourself how much you’re capable of achieving, even once your hope is gone. It’s the year you accomplish shit. It’s the year you show the world you’re made of steel. Thought Catalog Logo Mark