If You're Trying To Find Love In 2020, Stop The Bullshit 

If You’re Trying To Find Love In 2020, Stop The Bullshit 

In 2020, stop with the bullshit about how there isn’t anyone in this world meant for you.

Stop with the bullshit about how your crush is out of your league, so you shouldn’t even bother flirting with them.

Stop with the bullshit about how you’re destined to end up alone because you’re such a screwup and so unlovable and blah, blah, blah.

None of that is true. Anyone would be lucky to date you. And you need to start accepting that. You need to stop being so hard on yourself, stop selling yourself short, stop acting like you have nothing to offer. You are beautiful inside and out, and this year, you need to start acting like it.

In 2020, stop dating without authenticity. Stop playing a character when you message on dating apps and go out for the first time. Stop worrying so much about what impression you’re going to make and worry more about being yourself. If you stumble over your words or spill water on yourself or let one of your flaws show, so what? They’re going to get to know the real you eventually. You might as well save yourself some trouble and be real from the start.

In 2020, stop playing games. Stop waiting a certain amount of time to text someone back in order to look like you have a life. Stop triple checking the words you’ve typed to make sure you’re coming across as laidback enough, chill enough, casual enough.

In 2020, stop waiting for them to make the first move. Stop wishing they would ask you out already. Stop rereading their texts over and over again, trying to guess what they meant. If you want to know how they feel about you, tell them how you feel about them. Get the ball rolling. Be brave with your heart.

If you care about someone, say it. Let them know how you’re feeling. Give them more than a hint.

In 2020, stop the bullshit. Stop putting yourself through extra stress. Stop acting like there are certain dating rules you’re required to follow and realize you’re allowed to set your own rules. You’re allowed to do whatever the hell you want.

Sure, you might have an easier time getting dates if you pretend to be some perfect version of yourself. But if you want to find real, genuine love, then you’re going to have to be vulnerable. You’re going to have to take risks. You’re going to have to show the world your authentic self.

In 2020, stop with the bullshit about how no one is ever going to fall in love with you.

So in 2020, stop with the bullshit about how you’re not successful enough, smart enough, sexy enough.

In 2020, stop with the bullshit about how you don’t deserve love because you really, truly do. And the most important thing, way more important than actually finding a partner, is learning to realize that yourself.

You deserve love. You deserve happiness. You deserve everything you’ve ever wanted. And you deserve to know that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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