X Reminders When You Feel Hopeless, Like There’s No Point In Trying  

6 Reminders When You Feel Hopeless, Like There’s No Point In Trying  

1. Time isn’t going to stop because you’re in a bad mood. One way or another, you need to get through the next twenty-four hours. You can choose to spend the whole day sleeping, and wake up tomorrow with the same set of worries and frustrations. Or you could spend the day doing something productive. Maybe your hard work won’t result in you feeling any better tonight or tomorrow morning, but in a few weeks, when you’re feeling like yourself again, you’re going to be happy you put in the effort. You’re going to be glad you chugged along, even when you were in the worst mood.

2. Failing doesn’t mean your journey was pointless. You might feel like it’s a waste of time to put effort into a certain passion or relationship or career path because you aren’t going to make it anyway. But even if you’re right, even if you don’t make it, that doesn’t mean your time was wasted. If you’re doing what you love, or spending time with someone you love, you’re on the right path. It doesn’t matter where that path leads you. It matters how you feel while you’re on it.

3. You wouldn’t feel this way about anyone other than yourself. If one of your friends approached you with worries what they were doing was pointless, you wouldn’t take their side. You would disagree with them. You would remind them of their worth. You would be upset that they couldn’t see how much they bring to the table, how much they’ve already accomplished, how bright their future looks from where you’re standing. So why is it any different when you feel this way? Why can’t you give the same pep talk to yourself?

4. You’re allowed to take some time to relax, recharge, and rethink. You don’t have to push yourself when you’re on the edge of a breakdown. You don’t have to continue working your ass off when you’ve lost all motivation. You’re allowed to take a step back and rest for a while. You’re allowed to give yourself a well deserved break. Of course, you shouldn’t let your relaxation last too long. You shouldn’t let your self-care turn into procrastination.

5. Everyone has doubts about their own potential. You’re not alone in feeling like this. The people you admire, the people you consider strong and successful, also have moments when they question whether they are enough, whether they have what it takes, whether they are on the right path or are only wasting their time. Your doubts aren’t a sign you’re a lost cause who is bound to fail. This happens to everyone.

6. Not bothering to try is the only path toward failure. If you quit, you’re never going to know what you could have achieved. You’re never going to know whether you would have made it. You’re going to end up with a lifetime of regrets. On the other hand, if you put in the effort and fail to reach your destination, you’ll be disappointed, but you can always try again. Trying means you’re already doing more than most people. It means you should already be proud. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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