The Lesson Each Zodiac Is Going To Learn At The End Of 2019

The Lesson Each Zodiac Is Going To Learn At The End Of 2019


Your guilt is only going to tether you to the past. You have to forgive yourself to move forward.


You aren’t obligated to keep your toxic family members and friends in your life. Your history with them doesn’t matter as much as your mental health matters.


Every single day holds another opportunity. Even if you feel like you wasted yesterday, you can still take advantage of tomorrow.


It’s not selfish to put yourself first. Pleasing other people isn’t your responsibility.


Loving yourself is hard but it’s worth the struggle. You deserve to smile at the person you see in the mirror every morning.


You aren’t always going to have the answer and that is okay. You’re allowed to admit you’re lost. You’re allowed to ask for help.


Your personal life matters as much as your career. You can’t focus so much on success that you forget to have fun.


You can’t control your emotions but you can control your reactions. You can think before you speak.


You deserve to give yourself as much attention as you’ve been giving everyone else.


You aren’t going to reach success without experiencing failure first.


It doesn’t matter what you deserve. It matters what you accept. So don’t accept anything less than what you truly want.


You can’t change anyone else. And they won’t change unless they want to change. So only focus on changing yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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