Chasing Him Is Only Going To Hurt You

Chasing Him Is Only Going To Hurt You

Chasing him is going to make you question your worth. It’s going to make you wonder why you’re always the one putting in so much effort, why you’re always the one initiating text conversations and planning romantic dates. It’s going to make you wonder whether it’s possible his feelings are even half as strong as yours when the way you treat each other is completely different. It’s going to make you wonder whether maybe you were wrong and he isn’t the right person for you, maybe you aren’t a perfect match, maybe you’ve been chasing after the wrong heart yet again.

Chasing him is going to cause you to develop new insecurities. Even if you aren’t usually the jealous type, you’re going to get frustrated when he pays more attention to someone else, someone who hasn’t been treating him nearly as good as you’ve been treating him, someone who couldn’t possibly love him as strongly as you love him. Eventually, you’re going to start comparing yourselves. You’re going to start wondering what he sees in them that he cannot find in you — and you’re going to start wondering why you even bother to do so much for him when he doesn’t seem to appreciate it. But you have to remember, he doesn’t owe you anything. Your kindness doesn’t bind him to you. He never promised you anything.

Even though you’re crazy about him and have never felt this way before, chasing him might not be worth your time. It might not end with a happily ever after. It might not end with a real relationship. He might tell you he’s not interested in anything serious with you. He might turn around and start dating someone else. Or he might ghost you without giving you any sort of explanation. He might disappear from your life out of the blue and there’s nothing you can do to stop him.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how much work you put into loving someone. It doesn’t matter how many nice things you do for him. You cannot convince him to fall in love with you. You cannot force him to see your beauty. He could walk away without giving you a chance. He could decide you aren’t the right one for him — and you have to accept it. There’s nothing you can do to change his mind.

Chasing him is a dangerous game to play, because if it doesn’t work out, you’re going to wonder why you weren’t good enough for him. You’re going to feel like you did something wrong. You’re going to feel like all of the time and effort you put into him was a waste.

Even though you’re willing to do anything to call him yours, you have to remember, chasing after someone who isn’t all that interested is only going to hurt you. It’s better to hold out for someone who feels as strongly as you do since day one. Someone who is as excited about your love story as you are. Someone you never have to chase. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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