Maybe It's A Good Thing You're Taking So Long To Get Over Him

Maybe It’s A Good Thing You’re Taking So Long To Get Over Him

Stop feeling like there’s something wrong with you for clinging to a relationship that is over, to a boy that is long gone. Maybe he has already moved onto another relationship and you feel like you should do the same, but it’s okay if you’re the one taking longer to heal. It’s okay if you aren’t ready to put yourself back out there yet. It’s okay if you’re still upset over what happened in your last relationship and aren’t ready to move onto a new relationship.

Stop feeling pressured to move on so quickly. Stop feeling like there’s something wrong with you for continuing to pine after someone who hurt you. Every heart heals at its own pace. You shouldn’t rush yourself. You shouldn’t feel like you lost the breakup because your ex is already playing the field while you’re still dripping mascara.

Maybe it’s a good thing you’re taking so long to get over him. It means he actually mattered to you. It means you weren’t just fooling around with his heart. You cared about him. You felt a connection with him. You had something special with him. Even though he’s gone now, that doesn’t take away from the fact that he made you feel things you’ve never felt before. Your heart might be hurting now, but at one point it felt like it was soaring. You experienced something beautiful with him. Maybe it’s a good thing you had those few special moments. Maybe it’s a good thing that you loved, even though you lost.

Maybe it’s a good thing your heart grows so attached to people. Maybe it’s a good thing you love with such a strong intensity. Maybe it’s a good thing your feelings are never weak. They are always strong. They are always fiery. When you fall for someone, you give them every little piece of your soul. You don’t hold anything back. Yes, that puts you in a vulnerable place, but the only way to love is by being vulnerable. You’ve proven you have what it takes to love with your whole heart, to give someone everything they need and more.

Maybe it’s a good thing you know what it feels like to have your heart broken. Maybe there’s a silver lining to the hell you’ve been through. Maybe you learned something important from this experience, something that is going to help you grow stronger, something that is going to benefit you when the next relationship comes along.

Maybe the right person for you is out there, waiting. Maybe you’re going to meet them soon — and maybe you’re not ready just yet. Maybe you need a little more time to mourn your last relationship. And maybe that’s okay.

Maybe it’s a good thing you’re still able to feel this strongly about someone, even after the relationship is over. Maybe it’s a good thing that your heart beats this strongly, that your voice screams this loudly, that you have such passionate emotions.

Maybe your heart will be ready to love again soon. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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