Go Out And Get Rejected

Go Out And Get Rejected

Go out and get rejected. Get your heart broken. Get your hopes up and watch them come tumbling down.

You need to get over your fear of rejection because getting turned down isn’t as horrible as you’ve convinced yourself.

If you put yourself out there, if you put your heart on the line, if you gather up the courage to make the first move, you might end up living out your version of happily ever after. Or you might end up learning the other person feels differently than you do.

Either way, you’re going to have your answer. You’re finally going to know how they feel about you. You’re going to get the chance to stop questioning their behavior, questioning their intentions, questioning their emotions.

Even if you’re turned down, it will take a massive weight off your chest. You won’t have to lose sleep overanalyzing their texts. You won’t have to read too deeply into every word they say. You won’t have to continue chasing after them if they don’t want to be caught.

Sure, the rejection will sting, but isn’t it better to know how they feel as early as possible? Wouldn’t you rather start working on getting over them now than waiting on them for years only to realize you’re never going to get together? Rip of the bandage. Take a risk. Take the leap.

You have to stop thinking of rejection as the worst case scenario because the worst case scenario is continuing to live in uncertainty. It’s pining after someone with absolutely no idea whether or not you’re wasting your time. It’s torturing yourself with the unknown.

Believe it or not, rejection is a gift. It’s a learning experience. It’s a lesson in bravery.

Of course, that doesn’t mean rejection is easy to handle. If things don’t go your way, you’re allowed to cry your eyes out. You’re allowed to mope around your bedroom. You’re allowed to feel sorry for yourself. For a little while.

Eventually, your sadness is going to be replaced with acceptance. You’re going to stop wondering whether there’s something wrong with you that caused you to get rejected and start being proud of yourself for taking the leap and letting the other person know about your feelings in the first place.

You’re going to survive your heartbreak. You’re going to get over this person, whether you think it’s possible or not. But the first step is finding out how they feel. It’s walking up to them and asking them out. It’s spilling your heart out to them and seeing how they react.

So go out and get rejected. Take a risk on that person you’ve been crushing on. Let them know how you feel. If they don’t want to date you, that’s their loss. And if they feel the same way, you get to start your love story ahead of schedule. Either way, you’re going to come out of the situation proud of yourself. You’re going to be impressed by your own courage. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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