13 Reminders For When You Feel Like You’re On The Wrong Track In Life

13 Reminders For When You Feel Like You’re On The Wrong Track In Life

1. Just because you aren’t seeing results right this second doesn’t mean you’re on the wrong path. It can take years to accomplish your goals. Don’t let your impatience convince you that you’ve been following the wrong path, when really, it’s just a little bit longer than you expected.

2. It’s okay if you don’t have everything figured out, even if you feel like you should have a better handle on your life by now. You’re not a failure. You’re not a lost cause. You’re human.

3. You’re allowed to make a change at any stage of your life. You’re never too old to change your mind. Despite what you might think, you haven’t reached an age where going back is impossible. You can always go back. You can always start over.

4. You’re not the only one who feels this way. Other people are asking the same questions you’ve been asking. They’re experiencing the same things you’ve been experiencing.

5. There is no right or wrong way to live your life. It’s all about what makes you happy or unhappy. Make sure you choose a direction that feels right for you, that makes you feel fulfilled, because your opinion is the only one that matters.

6. It’s normal to feel lost. It’s normal to question whether you’re moving in the right direction or whether you need to make a u-turn.

7. It took a lot of strength to get to the place where you are right now. Remember that the next time you feel like it’s impossible to keep going on. You already made it this far. You’ve been strong this whole time.

8. If you come to the realization you are on the wrong track, it’s okay. It’s not something you should feel ashamed to admit. It’s actually a good thing that you realize you’re moving in the wrong direction. That means you can redirect yourself. That means you can fix things.

9. You shouldn’t compare your journey to anyone else’s. It doesn’t matter if your friend grew up in the same town and is already working her dream job. It doesn’t matter if your cousin is the same age and has already gotten married. Their success doesn’t take away from yours.

10. You could be in an entirely different place one year from now, so don’t feel like everything is hopeless. Don’t feel like you’re stuck in a rut and are never going to be able to change your trajectory. If you start making changes now, you’ll see results. You’ll see yourself slowly stepping into the life you’ve always wanted.

11. Never stop believing in yourself. Never lose faith in yourself. Never doubt your own potential.

12. You don’t have to do this alone. There are people you can turn to for help if you feel like you need advice or a shoulder to lean on. You have friends. You have family. You have therapy. You have options.

13. You’re doing better than you think. You might not feel like you have anything to be proud about at the moment but think about how much you’ve changed over the years. Think about how much you’ve grown. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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